Summer with Melly – Underwater Photoshoot

Just this past summer while I was down in LA, I was lucky enough to steal Melly away from her ever-so-busy schedule for an underwater party.  Melly might sound familiar to you because not only is she the art director of theOtherAsians and cofounder of the ready-to-launch NewMediaRockstars, she’s also the photographer behind David Choi’s latest album and the profile pictures of some of the YouTube hot shots. That’s right.

This is how it went down:

↑Prior to the party, I was asked to bring props to make things more entertaining. Of all the interesting places that I could’ve gone to, I chose Vons. (or Safeway for us NorCal peeps.)

David Choi had his underwater photoshoot with guitars, which I couldn’t afford, so I had mine with $9-a-pop disposable underwater cams. I got two of those. That makes a total of THREE photoshoots in one setting. In yo face, David.

Big thanks to Sam from Akufuncture for letting us use the pool.

Prop, check. Pool, check. Wardrobe, check.

↑An upside about starting a t-shirt business is never needing to buy another t-shirt again. ever.

Just the day of the shoot, I was able to invite convince two of my friends to jump into the pool fully clothed with me. Good times.

This magical gadget’s capable of submerging a dSLR while maintaining its image quality.

In this case, Melly brought her Canon 5D markII. oooh yeah.


Temperature was just right.

Now that everything was prepped – Here we go, through the eyes of Melly Lee.

check out the rest of the photos via our lookbook.

I mentioned that THREE photoshoots were happening simultaneously:

..except the success rate of a good photo weren’t too high.

..and two of which were taken on land.

↑What a boss.

Melly, you’re awesome.

All photos are now up on our lookbook.

’til next party,
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