Plushtography Photoshoot

Pardon the major MIA. Plenty of blog posts are in the works, will get to them soon enough.

Just had yet another photoshoot a few days back (I’ve been doing more than participating in shoots. I promise) with my partners from Plushtography. Had a good time DIYing the rack for backdrop and trying Speedlite 430EX for the first time. Both pretty awesome.

↑ Been looking around for an affordable backdrop. Finally pulled the trigger for the muslin one off Amazon. It was enormous and it took a very long time to iron it down.

To prep the set, I grabbed a few bulbs (100 watt daylight) from Home Depot and reused the rack I designed for tabling events.

Stuff includes pin or tape that can stretch the backdrop to eliminate extra wrinkles.

What we ended up with:

But even with the items mentioned above, it’s hard to capture a professional looking white background photo without the following gadgets:

↑ By gadgets, I meant SPEEDLITE. The additional external flash that bounces light off of walls creates a more naturally bright photo. It was my first time operating one, so I was completely blown away by its amazingness. When compare to the built in flash, it’s like a bare nuckle fight between kimbo slice and some 8 year old down the block.

↑Shooting with my 17-55 for blog post photos.

People that came out:

↑The one posing’s Christine.

The stars of the shoot:

Perry’s a natural stylist.

Christine’s a natural model.

BAM – the magic of white backdrop, speedlite, L lens, and perry’s photogenic hands.

Last but not least.

Edit 12/09/11: How could I forget about these.

Pillows are now available at Plushtography.

til the next shoot,
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