2 more days before I leave for New York.
Still in the process of finishing up some work before I can enjoy a carefree vaca. (I’m in denial; it’s never carefree as long as there’s 3G or wifi).

Michelle left this on my desk before she left for a project.
It’s pre-juice, the stage before it’s drinkable. She knows I’ve been having a hard time in the loo, and the best way to solve it is through fresh fiber-ful fruit juice. This is our kind of romantic relationship. <3.

Instant lunch.

Sleeping at 3:30 in the morning and waking up at 9 has taken a toll.
I’m an 8-hours-of-sleep person. I’ve tried adjusting to 7 or 6 hours a day to squeeze in more work hours, but it never worked. And my body usually is the first to let me know. Don’t mess with your health, it’s never worth it.

So I’ve set an hour for a quick nap.

…which eventually turned into a 3 hour session.
And I’m still tired while typing up this post.

The fam swung by in the evening to checkout our christmas tree.
122113-6 122113-7 122113-8 122113-9 122113-10 122113-11 122113-12

Daniel bought the perfect ornament for the house. 122113-13

’til tomorrow,




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