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Author: Benson Chou


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Imaginary Zebra’s Guide to Tie-Dye t-shirts in 4 steps

This was my second-time tie-dye, which made me an expert to compose this guide. Read on with confidence.  Prior to being the design studio that we are today, Imaginary Zebra was a clothing brand. Naturally, I kept the shirts in the vault.  While organizing the vault,

Refurbishing vintage steel Kennedy into a Supreme Toolbox

Featured On Albeit a quick one, this project wouldn’t have been completed without the shelter-in-place order since March. I’ve stayed home long enough to begin cleaning out the garage, a to-do item that I’ve put off since 2018. Sh*t was getting serious. Supreme toolbox time. While

52 weeks and 52 posters of my kid later

You know how parents like to take pictures of their new born to document each milestone? We might’ve taken it too far. This one is to Zoltan, without whom this post would have been completed two years sooner. It all started with the Buzz Lightyear

NewType BuildCon 2019 San Francisco Recap

NewType launched their very first Gunpla oriented event called “BuildCon”. I discovered this about a couple months ago when I finished my latest build. I was happy with the build. Matter of fact, happy enough to scour the Internet for possible competitions. And BuildCon was

My Gear List

工欲善其事 必先利其器 One must have the proper tools to do a proper job. Imagine cutting a steak with a dull butter knife. Hey, while you’re at it, grab a mirror too. So you can watch yourself die inside. The joy of creating the work, to

Custom Built Entryway Hall Tree for $50

I was going to title this post an entryway-shoe-rack-coat-hanger-hybrid until I learned the actual name for this type of furniture—it’s a “hall tree”. Word, ok. Turns out, my final design is surprisingly fitting. The Problem Here’s the original shoe rack. It’s one of the first

Road tripping at Banff and Jasper National Parks

“I heard the Canadian Rockies is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.” said my dad the other day. He wasn’t the travel type and he rarely tells me much about anything else besides building strong character and saving money, let alone travel.

San Francisco Pride Parade for Taiwan 2019

Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. It didn’t come easy. The activists paved the way with sweat, tears, and oftentimes, well-designed flamboyant signs. To celebrate the passing of the marriage equality bill in Taiwan, the Taiwanese in the Bay Area

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 ‘Lakers’ Paint Removal

This is a pair of NikeSB x Jordan 1 “Lakers” colorway released in May of 2019. What’s special about the SB Jordan’s is the revealing of another color-way hidden behind the initial coat of paint. For this pair, the color underneath the Lakers’ purple and

Ricoh GR II—my EDC camera?

What makes a camera great may vary from person to person. Ultimately, it comes down to whether the camera can effectively capture what you want to capture and when you want to capture it. — I’m a lifestyle photography hobbyist—I shoot a bit of everything

Otto Frei & Brush Metal Seiko Watch Mod

Otto Frei is a watch and jewelry depot founded by Otto Frei, a Swiss master watchmaker, and his wife Alice in 1930. The warehouse is chaos. Their website looks pre-internet. But this place is a gem. If you look close enough. Otto Frei 126 2nd

Custom Ex Libris Bookplates

A bookplate (or book-plate, as it was commonly styled until the early 20th C.), also known as ex-librīs [Latin, “from the books of…”], is usually a small print or decorative label pasted into a book, often on the front end paper, to indicate its owner. Simple typographical bookplates are termed

My Seiko SNK809 Watch Mod

Some hobbies area better left untouched. A couple of months ago a friend introduced me to the watch mod (watch modification) community and I haven’t stopped thinking about modding a watch of my own since. The watch mod sub-culture: -Like custom cars, there’s a community

Encountered a bear. No one was hurt.

Destination: Yosemite Worth it: 5 / 5 Cost: 1 / 5 Moments after arriving at the campsite. Chasing after it was the ranger with a rifle firing rubber bullets towards the sky. The goal was to not hurt bear and, hopefully, scare it away with

Cali to Oregon Road Trip

5 days, 800 miles, 1500 photos (that were cut down 80 for this post. You deserve the best.) My parents wanted to check out Crater Lake, and we thought it’d be an opportunity for a road trip. Pulled the trigger, booked a one-way car rental,

Platform Bed

Feels good to sleep on a bed you build yourself. Woodworking is a new hobby that I’ve picked up recently. What attracted me the most about woodworking is its freedom for creations—It’s like Legos for adults. Plus, you get to actually utilize the end product.