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52 weeks and 52 posters of my kid later

You know how parents like to take pictures of their new born to document each milestone? We might’ve taken it too far. This one is to Zoltan, without whom this post would have been completed two years sooner. It all started with the Buzz Lightyear

Riutta Images—Design Process

Brand development and stationary design for portrait and wedding photographer from Michigan, Riutta Images. [su_heading]Before & After[/su_heading] Bryana Riutta picked up photography just three years ago, and has been pursuing it professionally this past year. She’s established the brand “Riutta Images” and approached us to

My Fresh Bite—Design Process

A logo should look good and be able to stand on its own, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Designers (most of them, atleast) come a long way and go through a rigorous procedures to design something that’s seemingly simple. Here’s the

Cranefold Photography—Identity design

Identity design for a California based photographer, Andrew K. Aside from photography, he also loves papercrafting, which inspired the name “Cranefold”. He loved the art of it and how, with the patience and precision, he could make something creative and beautiful with just hands and

Be Seen Magazine—Branding Development

I had a side project a year back called “BCBeSeen” where I tried to do unbox videos and reviews. It was too time consuming, so the project was postponed for a good while. Recently, I have a couple of friends who are interested in doing

Jeremy Boyle—Branding Development

Brand development and stationary design for Jeremy Boyle, a rising photographer from Fairfield, California. Jeremy provides various photographic services from lifestyle journalism, automotive photography, to portraits. It is important to create a brand mark that can seamlessly implemented into the different aspects of his work,

afterschoolspecial & DANakaDAN – Rebranding

I’ve worked with afterschoolspecial, an uprising band from Southern California, on a couple of items in the past, but this time I was given full control to rebrand the group for the next chapter of their career: afterschoolspecial’s used as one single word. It’s quite long. Though,

New Media Rockstars – Logo Design Process

A recent project with New Media Rockstars – An online publication which aims to showcase current and rising creative minds in new media as well as to connect New Media to Mainstream Entertainment. They’ve worked with Mystery Guitar Man (YouTube Personality), KassemG (Comedian), David Choi (Musician,

BonesBall – Identity Design Process

Founded by Barry Orms, former professional basketball player, BonesBall’s an online platform that provides an educated perspective to sports issues and topics. Their objective is to show how sports can be a metaphor for life. I was asked to redesign their identity for the recent

CCSF Break’n Friday – Identity Design Process

Recently I was asked to come up with an identity for the CCSF Breakdance club – Break’n Friday. I have always been fascinated by the breakdance culture, so it’s a pretty cool experience to put my fingers on expressing the culture into simplistic icons or

Melly Lee | Identity Redesign

Met Melly just a couple months back through an interview with The Other Asians.  Aside from her art director position at OA, she’s also very talented freelance photographer on her spare time. But it doesn’t stop there, with a lot more things that’s going on, she wanted to

Plushtography Launched!

All the pillows that we’ve worked on are now available at Plushtography.com This is one of the biggest projects that I’ve worked on in the past. Thought I’d share a few stats regarding Plushtography: First off↑ Idea was to create something fun, legible, and camera

Plushtography – Project Update

Spent the last couple of days perfecting the products. We should’ve been able to kick off months ago, but with our “Go Big or Go Home” (GBGH) policy, we decided to refine them more. No pillow’s going out our door to the collectors unless we’re

TENA – logo design process

“Taiwanese Elite Network Association (TENA) is an organization created by a group of Taiwanese students that have studied abroad in the United States. The purpose of the Association is to provide a platform for networking and business interactions between qualified members. The Association promotes a

You Know You’re A Photographer When.. A Web Project

I’m no pro, but I’m sure as hell very interested in photography. Majority of my photos are meant for documentation purposes (blog) and there’s the occasional abstract form of photography (my 365 project.) Either way makes me a photography enthusiast. And being a photography enthusiasts

MA Logo Development

Logo design’s a riddle to designers (yet there’s no right answer) There are all types of approaches – the color choices, the font type, the decision between whether to use graphic or texts, the details that can symbolize the company, the balance of complexity and

Artists Series & CTIZ?!

The Artists Series t-shirts. These are 1 of 1 items, not for sale, custom made as appreciation for specific artists that has been working with TIZ. However, TIZ will be pushing out a new project called – CTIZ, for you supporters….Just a few pictures from

NumBurn revision

The first draft of the Numburn logo I made.However, the font seems unclear for num. The flame seems too subtle, not as agressive and explosive as the company tries to pursuit. Overall seems too fashionable and not as firm and steady. Solution/Revision:Bolded the letters for


Drafts. More drafts.A logo I made for the company Numburn. The company has just took off with great potential.What’s the company about? Nothing I can tell you yet, but it’ll be good. Though, you can probably imagine by its name. Here it is, the final

CCS // 1010ths

Recently designed the flyer for Cable Car Stars.Front Back———————————————————————————-Also, earlier in the year I made a logo for Ten Tenths Motorsports. They’re doing it big: Got a feature in Grassroot Motorsports.Feb 2009. pg. 98. look at the inverted logo blaze under the sun.For you car

Sole Diction Logo

A new logo I made for Sole Diction…——————————————————————————————————————————————– -Benson http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com