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NewType BuildCon 2019 San Francisco Recap

NewType launched their very first Gunpla oriented event called “BuildCon”. I discovered this about a couple months ago when I finished my latest build. I was happy with the build. Matter of fact, happy enough to scour the Internet for possible competitions. And BuildCon was

San Francisco Pride Parade for Taiwan 2019

Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. It didn’t come easy. The activists paved the way with sweat, tears, and oftentimes, well-designed flamboyant signs. To celebrate the passing of the marriage equality bill in Taiwan, the Taiwanese in the Bay Area

Daily—Berkeley Hats, Michelle Self-Rev

Very long day. I’d have to keep this post short before I pass out and slam my face on the keyboard. Michelle just had her grad show today, it was a success. All her cohorts had also performed their pieces brilliantly. It was courageous for

HOW Design Live Conference—The Exhibition Hall

HOW Design Live is a web & design based conference that’s currently taking place (June 22nd-26th) in San Francisco. Although, I’m big on design and have been revolving my career around it, I’m quite disconnected with the field in terms of professional gatherings and events

Happy Mother’s Day

This is my mom. This is my mom’s mom and my mom’s sister. She’s also a mom. They are my sisters. They’re both moms. I don’t know how it’s like to be a mom, but just seeing how much my mom had to endure to

Back home—Taiwan

I’ve spent almost just as much time in the States as I have in Taiwan over my lifetime. I’ve earned my education, met some of my best friends, and even started my career in the States, but Taiwan is still where I call home. (It’s

Margaret + Lu’s Wedding Celebration

Last Sunday’s a big day for the Qi and Chou family. Especially for me, really. Not only did I gain a new brother, I had the honor of documenting the wedding. Being my first wedding shoot, I had to put all my theoretical knowledge to

FAME 2012—Event Recap

F.A.M.E. stands for Fashion, Art, Music, and Exhibition. It’s a bi-annual event typically hosted in San Jose that gathers some of the best locally grown street wear brands and artists alike for a night of loud music, glamorous fashion show, and mad shopping spree. I’ve

Vending at Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco

Two years ago in December, I had my first Renegade experience. It was my first encounter with the event of its kind – an enormous gathering of hand-made, crafty artists showcasing their phenomenal and creative products. The very event not only inspired me to create


— We interrupt this blog with an entry from fellow intern, Karen. — Last Saturday was Bobbi Vie’s bi-annual F.A.M.E. event. With Benson away on his month long trip to Asia, it was the interns turn to take on F.A.M.E. on our own. Actually, it was

Red Ballooon 2011 – Event Recap

Last time was fun. Invited by Jen again, the team and I went down to Vallejo for the first, and I’m sure many more in the future, Red Balloon event at Touro University. I used to sit down with dancers to brainstorm for performance ideas,

Everyday I Will – A Web Project

“Everyday I Will” is a web project [Cody] and I initiated recently. When I kicked off my new year resolutions slightly late (well, about 2 months late..), I felt unmotivated to keep up with them. The mentality of having a bad start really dragged. Then

Haiku project for Nameless Magazine

Woot, TIZ was invited to perform/showcase at the semi-annual Nameless Magazine event -Expression Redefined. We pulled off a spoken word piece last year , this time we decided to do something different- how about a video project that takes a CRAP LOAD of work…I don’t

The Zeeb Movement

Silky DKwan rocking TIZ’s limited Vday tee at Locked N Loaded -Benson|| Follow me on Twitter || Join the movement|| Check the original website http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

Mother’s Day

Did you your mother have a good mother’s day?It was a day to show our appreciation for all the spankings and crap taking she did for us…With all the chores she handles, the lectures about school(for I am Asian) she preaches, and the meals she

Electronic Music for Change x The Imaginary Zebra

A new collaboration t-shirt between TIZ and Electronic Music for Change, a newly formed student group that aims to spread the genre of electronic music.EMC will be throwing a major scale event at UC Davis on the 28th called….Unity.“Doors open from 8:00PM to 1:30AM on

APCN Fashion Show

One of TIZ’s biggest fashion show/performance production. Headlining Fanny Pak with opener Eye Eighty. Are you ready for a mass load of photos?….After weeks of planning between DKwan, Rasikh, Nesquik, Michelle, the bboys, musicians, hiphop dancers, and I, it finally paid off.Big ups to the

SF State Fashion Show Vid

The vid covers the fashion show TIZ did in early April- Talentado. Many entertainers and performances, Billy throw in this video when my photos simply didn’t serve the justice of how much we had at the show. The vid is very well done, great job,

GDAC Trunk Sale

TIZ was invited by Joey Fuetsch from Global Diversity Achievement Club to vend at their trunk sale. So we, Michelle and I, took off from Davis early in the morning for the tabling…opportunity. Here it is, the flyer for the event. The good sports from

Battle for APCN

The Asian Pacific Culture Night fashion show is tonight, 7pm, at UC Davis Freeborn Hall. TIZ’s got a series of new tees and performance out for the….occasion. It’ll be Red V.S. Blue battle, come to witness the epic moment. Here are just a few looks

New Imaginations out for APCN

That is right, 4 new shirts will be premiered during APCN on 04/24/09.For those that will be attending the event, a surprise color way of the OG tee will also be available for purchase! As for the rest that can’t make it to the event,

Asian Pacific Culture Week Events

All the graphic designs, video ads, and buttons were made to promote the occasion. It’s finally going to be here. The week round event is starting on April 20th…..Here’s a brief look at each day’s event:Monday [Kickoff at the MU Patio @ MU Patio]10-2PMDon’t by

APCW Buttons

APCW is coming up, starting the week of April 20th. There’ll be a series of events, workshops, and performance throughout,be sure to check the website for more specific info. I’ve also provided a few button designs for the occasion. All the….Buttons are 2.5 inches in

Lookbook of TIZ x SoleDiction

A collaboration between SD team and TIZ. They’ve got a few photos taken and now up for viewing….More photos available on SoleDiction. -Benson|| Follow me on Twitter || Join the movement|| Check the original website http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

SF State Fashion show Photos

Had a blast at SF State. Here’s the photo gallery of the event. It was our first fashion show at San Francisco, the experience different as compare to the Sac and Davis shows….Variety of culture from paintings, music, to of course, apparel…but you’re not here

Poster by Billy Hong

The artist of the comic My Broskies made the humorous event poster. I’ve featured his comics in past, check out the entries here. Don’t laugh too hard from his comics, remember to check out this Davis event. -Benson|| Follow me on Twitter || Join the

APCW-Fashion Show

Yet another fashion show is coming up. 042409 is the date, so mark your calender.The above image is a preview of what’s going to go down. Use your imagination. -Benson|| Follow me on Twitter || Join the movement|| Check the original website http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

The Zeeb Movement – Banner Attack

TIZ dropped by SF State this past Saturday for vendorship and fashion show. Had fun and enjoyed the event. And as much as I love to show you some of the event photos, the photos are not ready; however, I do have some side photos

Pop and Breakdance

They’re offering lessons! UCD Students/Davis/Sacramento residents, here’s your chance to learn a great deal from yours truly- Dkwan and Kurt….. Takes great deal of commitment and practice to become like who they are. But to start off on the right track, these are the people


Asian Pacific Culture Week is coming up, everyone’s getting ready for this epic event. Check out the APCW mascots well done by the officers…. See the resemblance? -Benson|| Follow me on Twitter || Join the movement|| Check the original website http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

Post-April Fools

Poor guy. I’ve encountered multiple pranks that involve male-female relationships -I was informed of breakup tragedies, news of adoring a surprisingly close friend…etc. share your April fools prank: poll by twiigs.com -Benson|| Follow me on Twitter || Join the movement|| Check the original website http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

Post-Earth Hour

The picture above is the transition of the BeiJing swimming pool (Water Cube) during the hour. Did you spend an hour in darkness trying to lower the rate of global warming? I turned off the light switches around my little den and so did….4000 cities,

Preping talents

Another fashion show coming this Saturday at SF State.It’s that time before the show, again. We sat, we brain stormed, and you’ll just have to wait and watch what we’ll bring you. That’s right. -Benson|| Follow me on Twitter || Join the movement|| Check the

Ice Cream. Pier. Pictures

Enjoy your daily sunshine. Michelle and I sure did. We dropped by SF to relish the well known ice cream and work the Canon XTi… twice we filled this baby up. Fishermans Wharf is one crowded place. Instead of paying the 8 bucks flat rate,

Brand on the Rise

I’ve recently done an interview with the folks from SoleDiction, an online magazine for all fashion enthusiasts. They’ve recently started the “On the Rise” campaign to feature upcoming brands. TIZ’s up first, the interview premieres April 10th….More info at SoleDiction. -Benson|| Follow me on Twitter


Got you. Stephanie, one of the hosts for the campus union programs.It’s final’s season. Just a few nights ago, UC Davis threw an event to de-stress all the school-determined, hardworking students. It all started off with snacks, arts-and-crafts, and wrapped up with performances. How can

Club Glamour Fashion Show

The fashion show that we’ve(12 talented individuals and 1 picky man) been working on for past weeeeks. TIZ’s been trying to present something more than the ordinary walks for any fashion shows and the goal is to have the audience applause till it hurts.Amy kindly