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My first experience in Beijing – Day 2

..because it’s never too late to continue blogging about the trip I took a month ago. Moving on, here goes Day 2. I slept early, thanks to jet lags. Consequently, I was able to experience the enjoyments of having breakfast, again. Except this breakfast wasn’t


— We interrupt this blog with an entry from fellow intern, Karen. — Last Saturday was Bobbi Vie’s bi-annual F.A.M.E. event. With Benson away on his month long trip to Asia, it was the interns turn to take on F.A.M.E. on our own. Actually, it was

My first experience in Beijing – Day 1

Like a tourist should, my first goal was to check all the iconic sights that have been publicized by travel agencies/tour guides. Beijing has its own story that stretched thousands of years back and most of the architectural structures I visited have been a major part

My first experience in Beijing – Arrival

I’ve finally visited the place the makes millions of products around me. Well, part of the place. Just this past week I had the chance to layover (for 7 days) the capital of China, Beijing, before my way home to Taiwan. Beijing is one of

Automotive Shoots

Cody’s recently acquired a Mazda Miata in superb condition. For once, Cody’s mind is actually occupied by something other than coding. I don’t blame him. It’s a beauty. And like any new car owners, we find ways to preserve the moment.I’ve tried stills (waaay back when all

Make Music – Make A Wish Concert

Eden, one of the core members of TIZ, have been missing. Aside from her occasional Friday dentist appointments, one can find her investing majority of her time planning this benefit concert. She’s been going at it, making phone calls, and scheduling appointments since 2011. All

Lunar New Year Dinner

I don’t typically attend dinners like these. The meet and greets, the dress up, the shows, and the 3 hour dinner just sounded like it hassle. I’d prefer keeping it simple with the family at home.  However, unlike the past years, this time around, I

BBQ 101

Today we talk BBQ. Just this past weekend I’ve had one of the best meals ever. Not to brag, but what came out of this seemingly ordinary BBQ experience are butter crabs, tender charbroiled chicken, and smoke squid. Man, just recalling those memories made me

Friends from the other side

All the way from the Buffalo, NY and NYC, a couple of friends decided to pay California a visit this past week. California’s home for a couple of them, but for the rest, it’s a place with great food, spectacular scenery, and no snow for the

Berkeley Marina + Skates on the Bay

Lunch that was way past due. The plushtography team and I planned to celebrate the “selling-out-our very-first-batch-of-pillows” by having lunch together. 3 months ago. With our workload finally cooling off, we took a trip down to Berkeley Marina to enjoy one of the greatest seafood restaurants out

Merry Xmas

Dear friends, I’m sure some of you are still resting from the holiday drinking last night, but nonetheless, hope you’re all having a wonderful X’mas. As you can tell, I’m having a blast on X’mas sitting in front of my laptop scripting up this entry.. while recovering

Plushtography Photoshoot

Pardon the major MIA. Plenty of blog posts are in the works, will get to them soon enough. Just had yet another photoshoot a few days back (I’ve been doing more than participating in shoots. I promise) with my partners from Plushtography. Had a good time

Summer with Melly – Underwater Photoshoot

Just this past summer while I was down in LA, I was lucky enough to steal Melly away from her ever-so-busy schedule for an underwater party.  Melly might sound familiar to you because not only is she the art director of theOtherAsians and cofounder of the ready-to-launch NewMediaRockstars, she’s

Red Ballooon 2011 – Event Recap

Last time was fun. Invited by Jen again, the team and I went down to Vallejo for the first, and I’m sure many more in the future, Red Balloon event at Touro University. I used to sit down with dancers to brainstorm for performance ideas,

Instagram – 10/23 to 11/13

Snippets of my day to day adventures. Lots of them happened in my pad. ↑Sometimes I procrastinate on waking up.  Man cave. ↑ Pretty cool place I visited a few weeks back. ↑Always. Someone that’s more into the camera than the main folks in the

Airbnb + Dropbox Studio Tour

Cody attended the Startup School this past weekend at Stanford. Startup School’s pretty picky about its attendees. I don’t blame them – We’re talking about an event that invites some of the biggest players in the silicon valley (Founder of Netscape, Zynga, angel investors, and

A Look @ Intel Inside

I’m fascinated by the workspace of companies. Image the hours it took and the amount of money spent to design a life long work environment for thousands, if not hundreds, of employees. Thanks to Cody, who’s now a full time employee at Intel, I got a chance to take a

The Imaginary Zebra on Instragram

I’m onto it now. and I like it.A picture is worth a thousand words; twitter only gives you 140 characters (On average 30 words?) It’s clear which one’s got the leverage. Here are a few photos I took recently. I like the square format.Now I

The Drive

Steve Jobs’ passed has made an impact to socialsphere. Phrases on “passion,” “innovation,” “do what you believe in” have been circulating across the web. Not only do the those clips show a sign of remembrance, it’s a reminder of how one man’s drive for greatness can actually

LA Meet Up – Kerry & Steve

Just this summer, Kerry, a mutual friend of Yen’s, and Steve (both creatives) moved drove all the waaaaayyy down from Chicago to start a new chapter of their lives. Kerry’s doing grad program on film in USC, while Steve’s taking on freelance in the field of animation.

Mindy’s 24th

↑Thanks to Marvin, Mindy’s ready to kick start her birthday party. Mindy had her big 24 last week! She gathered up all her friends and had the celebration at Benihanas, a place with skilled chefs, mountain full of hungry people, and long lines (even with

LA Art Walk

Nope, I’m not in LA, nor was I the past two weeks. Yes, I am, indeed, still making up the posts that I had from LA since three weeks ago (shame.) Although, my blog’s meant to fill you in with current news and these are

International Secret Agents – Bay Area.

Invited by Dan from afterschoolspecial, Michelle and I went down to San Jose this past weekend for “International Secret Agents” (ISA,) an annual music + film + dance event founded by Wong Fu Productions and Far East Movement. It was my first time, so I

LA – Get my grub on.

Turn out, it’s a horrible idea to draft up a food post before grocery shopping. Since I’m already behind on filling you guys in on my trip down to LA that I made a couple weeks ago, I thought I’d reorganized the photos and post

Farewell, Jimbo

This post has been way delayed due to some technical difficulties. Well, better late than never, yea? After his 9-year journey of sweat, blood, and tear in the States, Jimbo’s made up his mind and decided to pursue his career back in Taiwan. (Although, he promised

FAME 2011

Had a blast at FAME this past weekend. It’s a bi-annual event on fashion, art, and music. If you’re unfamiliar with it, time to get familiar.  Bobbi Vie holding it down once again in San Jose. Not only was this an opportunity to meet new folks, it brought

I’m back!

Phew, it sure has been one hell of a week. Felt like loosing a limb without these design programs. That sounds severe. Am I the only Adobe addict in the room? Anyway, I’m back. With an upgraded drive, too. Time to do some damage (or

LA Day 1 – The Drive

Finally found the time to take a trip down south to meet some friends and discuss a couple of future projects. Taking the car down’s usually the worst part of the trip. The drive always sound tolerable before you hit the road. Then, you get

Off the Grid – Fort Mason

↑ Today’s tee – OG TIZ Pat from 2nd drop. Custom designed fingerprint pattern for this particular tee. Sorry guys, there’s no escaping from another food post. (Should’ve posted this before dinner. ) We went down to San Francisco yesterday for the largest (of the

Izakaya Sozai – Ramen!

↑ A collabo tee between TIZ and Pixel, the graphic design club @ UC Davis. Not for sale. It’s one of my favorites. Just to show much of a design geek I am. Don’t hate. Yet another food post!? I blame my current job nature.

Hog Island – Oyster time.

↑ 50/50 Custom OG zeebhead tee made possible by Sandy. not for sale.Not sure about you, but I certainly couldn’t pass on fresh oysters, especially when it’s only a buck each. While I was walking along Embarcadero few weeks back, I told Jim about the weekly deals

San Jose – Mama Chen, Boiling Crab, and more.

“Wwhheee” is correct! Had an eventful day, with a 50+ photo entry(heads up, dial up users), let’s get right to it. ↑Brought out the 2010 Vday tee. This is an unofficial section to archive all the shirts I’ve made thus far.  Wonder how many different shirts I

A trip around San Francisco

Was rocking the Grey Mosaic Zeeb tee for the day. Michelle (on the left) decided to take a dive into a master’s degree here in San Francisco. She’s a friend of Yen‘s. It was her first time visiting, so being the friendly locals we are (relatively), we

Comic Con Goodies

Rocking the “Idea are powerful” tee today. Comic Con’s freaking awesome. Except I never made it. Kevin did and you can read all about it through our blog at Plushtography. I don’t recall ever been to Comic Con, but from the stories I heard, it’s

Thai Temple – Brunch @ Berkeley

A quick break for Sunday afternoon. My sister told me about this Thai Temple located in South Berkeley, with reenforcement of high feedbacks from Yelp. thought we give it a try. Words on the streets, it’s free on Sunday, but accept donations. Intrigued, time to go.

4AM Long Exposure Adventure

This whole week’s been piled by the work of Plushtography; Barely had a chance to walk out the front door, let alone taking out the Sigma 17-50mm (review soon) for some fun. So instead of planning to head out specifically for photo sessions, I had

Rolo’s Bday – a belated post

I’m about 2 weeks late to write up this post, but better late than never, si? We went up north to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Rolo’s (dunksrnice) big 23. It was epic, yet slightly blurry, for the birthday boy. Great times. The trip was a tad