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Road tripping at Banff and Jasper National Parks

“I heard the Canadian Rockies is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.” said my dad the other day. He wasn’t the travel type and he rarely tells me much about anything else besides building strong character and saving money, let alone travel.

Encountered a bear. No one was hurt.

Destination: Yosemite Worth it: 5 / 5 Cost: 1 / 5 Moments after arriving at the campsite. Chasing after it was the ranger with a rifle firing rubber bullets towards the sky. The goal was to not hurt bear and, hopefully, scare it away with

Cali to Oregon Road Trip

5 days, 800 miles, 1500 photos (that were cut down 80 for this post. You deserve the best.) My parents wanted to check out Crater Lake, and we thought it’d be an opportunity for a road trip. Pulled the trigger, booked a one-way car rental,

Valentine’s day came early. Best move ever.

[aside] Location: San Francisco, CA Photo cred: Michelle & Benson Camera1: Olympus OMD EM5 Lens1: Lumix 20mm f1.7 Lens2: Rokinon 7mm f3.5 [/aside] I’m blessed to date a girl who isn’t fixated to celebrating Valentine’s on the actual day. On the day of almost any

Miami—Day 1

[aside] Location: Miami, FL Photo cred: Michelle & Benson Camera1: Olympus OMD EM5 Lens: Lumix 20mm f1.7 Camera2: Canon D20 Camera3: iPhone 5s [/aside] Miami isn’t exactly what I expected. I attribute my false standard of Miami to rap videos and movie industries. They make

Daily—Magic Kingdom

[aside] Location: Orlando, FL Photo cred: Michelle & Benson Camera1: Olympus OMD EM5 Camera2: iPhone 5s Lens: Lumix 20mm f1.7 [/aside] This post is certainly way past due. After spending the New Years over at the Big Apple, we flew down to Orlando to enjoy

Daily—New York City Day 8

Today’s fairly short, for I’ve spent most of the day in bed recovering from New Year’s Eve. Last evening in NYC, visited a couple more restaurants and bought last minute souvenirs for friends and fam. [su_heading]5:40PM[/su_heading] [su_heading]6:25PM[/su_heading] Wanted to wrap up the trip with one of

Daily—New York Day 7 (NYE)

I typically do the daily-writeup at the end of each day, but I had to delay this entry till now: I’ve spent half of the day making up sleep from an eventful New Year’s Eve. Ironically, not a lot of photos were taken during the event.

Daily—New York City Day 6

Started out at 45 degree and ended with 32. I’ll never get used to the cold. Today’s been rather anti-climatic; New York’s treated me delightfully well this past couple of days, which consequently left me with a fairly high expectations to all the places that

Daily—New York City Day 5

Almost spent a week here in New York, and while I’m out exploring from one spot to another 8-9 hours each day, I’ve only seen the tip of an iceberg. New York’s grand, and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it here. (except when it

Daily—New York City Day 4

Sorry ladies and gents, can’t write much today; got to spend the rest of night making up some work. Picture is worth a thousand words and I got about 102 photographs for this post. It’s ok, take your time. [su_heading]8:00AM[/su_heading] Nope, me neither. [su_heading]1:02PM[/su_heading] [su_heading]2:52PM[/su_heading]

Daily—New York City Day 2

Day 2’s itinerary—Wall st, Luke’s Lobster, SoHo, & Museum of Arts and Design. Instead of the planned 9AM, we woke up at 12 PM. A clear sign that we’re still struggling with the East Coast time zone. There’s a long day ahead of us, so we

Daily—New York City Day 1

Here goes day 1: X’mas gift, Prosperity Dumplings, Empty SoHo, and Time Square. Before New York, let’s rewind a bit and start at SFO, where my last post ended. [su_heading]9:52PM[/su_heading] All set and ready, we took off around 10PM. Spending Christmas eve 10,000 ft above

Daily—Bone Room, Christmas Tree

Today’s been fairly productive. However, I can’t disclose most of my work until it is made public by the clients. Fortunately, the highlight of my day isn’t the work at all. Instead, it’s the final touch up of our x’mas tree and an interesting shop Michelle and

Daily—Caffe Mediterraneum, Work in Process

[su_heading]9:52AM[/su_heading] All 49ers inspired items are sold out. They’re all packed and shipped. [su_heading]11:12AM-8:42PM[/su_heading] Texts, phone calls, sudden errands, and chores. [su_heading]8:43PM[/su_heading] Finally found a place of peace in Berkeley while Michelle attended a graduation gathering with her cohort. Less talk, more work. Good night.

Daily—Tech Rehearsal, Super7, Super Burrito

Michelle’s having her graduation show, also known as the self revelatory performance (self-rev), tomorrow. Today’s the rehearsal day for Michelle. She’s gotta nail it. [aside]10:12AM[/aside] First thing’s first—breakfast. For champions. Can’t go wrong with ham and eggs. [aside]10:43AM[/aside] Last minute preps for her big show tomorrow. [aside]11:52AM[/aside]

Daily—Plushtography, KoJa, AAU

Chance favors the prepared mind. Or in this case, prepared vendor. Plushtography is the brand I founded with two high school friends, Kevin & Christine. We all exert our own strengths and we share one thing in common—a love for photography (except for Christine, actually.

Daily—AggieTV, CREAM, BeSeen Magazine

Documenting every aspects of my day turn out to be too time consuming and laborious. (no shit.) Plus, I don’t learn much of myself from all the fluff I wrote, neither.  So I’m now in the process of trimming the fat for each post and

Daily—Day1—Hot Italian, Ikea, WD My Passport

[aside]8:36AM[/aside] I hope this marks the first of many daily posts to come. Things have gotten pretty busy on my end lately. At one point, I’ve had more than 8 projects on my plate simultaneously. I love my work and I like the way I

Japan Trip—The Best of Japan

Delighted to have spent the last 7 days in Japan with my fam. We’ve shopped, devoured, ridden trains, slept in traditional hostels, dipped in hot springs, and hiked (lots of it). It’s definitely one of the best experiences of my life. And as much as

Japan Trip—Day 7

Day 7, 48 hours left before we wrap up the Japan trip. We’ve had our shares of the view of Japan, and we’ve been spending 15 hours day out there just to grasp it all. Yet, there are still plenty to see, so we kicked

Japan Trip—Day 6

Day 6 of 8. Our first full day in Kyoto. This means no more time wasted on city to city commute, and all time dedicated to getting used to the lifestyle of a Kyoto tourist. Unlike Tokyo, the subway system isn’t as wide reached or

Japan Trip—Day 5

Breakfast. It finally became what should be the biggest meal of the day: We stayed here for one night and the hotel came with dinner and breakfast. Frankly, having so many assortments of dishes and knowing little about their culinary culture, we guessed when and how

Japan Trip—Day 4

Pardon the delay, we’ve migrated to Kyoto the past couple of days and we’re in the process of adjusting to the new pace and environment. Kyoto’s drastically different from the city scape of Tokyo, but I’ll get more into that in the next couple of

Japan Trip—Day 3

Skipped breakfast and slept in (spent too much time blogging last night). There’s a long day ahead of us—For day 3, we decided to visit some of the most iconic landmarks of Tokyo, Japan. Our hotel located in the heart of Shinjuku, right by the

Japan Trip—Day 1

Mom’s been wanting to visit Japan for awhile, and so we made it happen. (Thanks to Bae and Margaret’s financial and intellectual support.)  Here’s day 1 of the 10 trip to Japan. The crew consisted of:  Day 0—The departure. We took the Asiana Airline (yes,

A Trip to Waterworld

Daniel is Michelle’s younger brother, and he just moved to the States to complete his high school career. Summer heat scorching and vacation ending (for Daniel), so we decided to take a trip up to Concord for his last break before school starts. (Plus, Costco

Berkeley Marina + Skates on the Bay

Lunch that was way past due. The plushtography team and I planned to celebrate the “selling-out-our very-first-batch-of-pillows” by having lunch together. 3 months ago. With our workload finally cooling off, we took a trip down to Berkeley Marina to enjoy one of the greatest seafood restaurants out

Airbnb + Dropbox Studio Tour

Cody attended the Startup School this past weekend at Stanford. Startup School’s pretty picky about its attendees. I don’t blame them – We’re talking about an event that invites some of the biggest players in the silicon valley (Founder of Netscape, Zynga, angel investors, and

A Look @ Intel Inside

I’m fascinated by the workspace of companies. Image the hours it took and the amount of money spent to design a life long work environment for thousands, if not hundreds, of employees. Thanks to Cody, who’s now a full time employee at Intel, I got a chance to take a

Off the Grid – Fort Mason

↑ Today’s tee – OG TIZ Pat from 2nd drop. Custom designed fingerprint pattern for this particular tee. Sorry guys, there’s no escaping from another food post. (Should’ve posted this before dinner. ) We went down to San Francisco yesterday for the largest (of the

Izakaya Sozai – Ramen!

↑ A collabo tee between TIZ and Pixel, the graphic design club @ UC Davis. Not for sale. It’s one of my favorites. Just to show much of a design geek I am. Don’t hate. Yet another food post!? I blame my current job nature.

Hog Island – Oyster time.

↑ 50/50 Custom OG zeebhead tee made possible by Sandy. not for sale.Not sure about you, but I certainly couldn’t pass on fresh oysters, especially when it’s only a buck each. While I was walking along Embarcadero few weeks back, I told Jim about the weekly deals

San Jose – Mama Chen, Boiling Crab, and more.

“Wwhheee” is correct! Had an eventful day, with a 50+ photo entry(heads up, dial up users), let’s get right to it. ↑Brought out the 2010 Vday tee. This is an unofficial section to archive all the shirts I’ve made thus far.  Wonder how many different shirts I

Thai Temple – Brunch @ Berkeley

A quick break for Sunday afternoon. My sister told me about this Thai Temple located in South Berkeley, with reenforcement of high feedbacks from Yelp. thought we give it a try. Words on the streets, it’s free on Sunday, but accept donations. Intrigued, time to go.

Google – A quick tour

This is the internet giant’s den. Just a few days ago, I had the privilege of checking out their Mountain View headquarter, where they develop and roll out countless projects such as Android OS and Google everything(wave, buzz, maps, and the recent Google+.) Although I’ve only scratch

Eating Off the Grid

Thanks to Michelle for introducing me a playground for food trucks. I’ve only stumble across single food truck or blocks full during special events, never a time seeing a gathering of 5-6 of them on a  regular bases. Don’t know when it all happened, but