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Lens Bracelets by Adam Elmakias

Did you get your mind blown, yet?  Another incredibly innovative product for all the photo enthusiast out there. This one’s by Adam Elmakias, a professional photographer based out of San Diego, sunny state California. How this all came about for Adam:“About a year ago I

Macworld 2011 Recap

First time attending an Apple product oriented show, though, Apple wasn’t even there. I’ve heard polar reviews on this event, so I just gotta check it out myself. I was also able to register to this event for free(thanks to Slickdeal) otherwise around $10-$15. I

UglieTV x TIZ coming soon..

Any projects start with planning, which we have been for this since December.Here’s a quick look on what we’ve been working on. Met up with a few friends to get some ideas down. Often times, it takes hours and hours of brainstorming to nail down


Sorry for the lack of updates – I don’t recall ever been out this long unless I’m traveling. Time’s been spent preparing and working on some projects – Series 4 will be coming out soon. Aside from the series drop, there will a couple more

Valentine’s Day 2011 – Pre-orders now Available!

It’s almost Valentine’s again! TIZ’s done vday shirts for the past 3 years – definitely not going to miss this one.↑Limited one time release tees in the past. The idea behind 2011 is – “Wouldn’t Be Complete Without You.”↑ I brainstormed a series of items

People of The Zeeb Movement.

As I continue to strive for growth with [The Imaginary Zebra], people have been SUPER supportive and encouraging along the way. Pictures like these gave me a hand to pick myself up when times get rough. But I’m not here to be sentimental, I just

CES 2011 – Vegas – Last Day

Final day at CES. 9AM – 3PM as oppose to the regular 9-6. We have 3 hours less, but an entire hall to explore. It’s got a lot personal computers/audio/and digital imaging and storage stuff. It was pretty entertaining. The last hall: It’s got 4

CES 2011 – Vegas – Day 2

High volume picture alert! Late night sleep = not able to wake up early. The show started at 9AM – we’re just about 3 hours late. We knew that there are quite a lot to cover, so we sped through breakfast AND lunch with McDonald’s.

CES 2011 – Vegas – Day 1

Just this past weekend, [Cody] and I took a trip down to Vegas for their Annual CES – Consumer Electronics Show, where hundreds of industry related companies gather to showcase their latest technology that are almost ready to launch for the consumer market. It was


In Vegas for the next few days (CES 2011) without Internet. For updates, please check out my travel buddy’s blog – http://www.codyhuang.com Trip coverage will be posted when I return. ’till next time,-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website || Shop of Imagination

Bet you’d go “awww”

It’s been super busy lately. While working all day, I try to enforce myself with my new year resolution – run everyday for 30 minutes – today was the first day – 359 more to go. Here’s a piece of delight – just received a

Jay Chou’s Concert – New Year’s Eve

Wrapped the year up with Jay Chou’s concert.He’s one of the most talented artists around – compose, sing, act, direct, host..done it all.  (Owns a SLR 722, the only SLR 722 in Taiwan or so I heard.)This marked my first concert experience. The performance was

Profound Moments of 2010

Happy 2011! Before I make any new year resolutions, I thought I’d dig out some of the most profound moments of 2010(along their blog link). It’s been a good year – just flew by way too quickly.  [Series Based] [TIZ internship] Worked with some of

My Niece

These pictures are sent to my by my brother-in-law. That’s right, I’m an uncle now. Sidenote/ Sorry for the lack of updates guys, things have been rather hectic lately – much will be going on for the year of 2011 – Stay tuned! Sidesidenote/ I’ll

Merry X’mas :)

-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website || Shop of Imagination || http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

iPod Touch 4G Acquired!

Man, I’ve been waiting for this moment.I’m still under Sprint’s contract for the next 6 months. Now that there are 4th gen ipod touches and 4th gen iphones, I think it’s about time to play around with them. ..talk about being a laggard.  Never realized

Renegade Craft Fair – San Francisco

One of the most inspiring events I’ve been to. It was a gigantic Etsy nation gathering. 200+ crafty artists showed up with their proudest work. Cool thing about fairs is that the price of the products is generally cheaper than what they would sell for

Native – Miller – Unbox and Review

Got myself a new pair of kicks – something a little different, though. It’s from this brand called “Native.” [site]They combine the silhouette of a classic shoe with the outdoor favored EVA foam construction. Whether it be the MUCH better looking croc or just simply

TIZ | Series SE | Idea & lookbook

The series will be out in less than 20 hours with different 3 designs.SE stands for “Special Edition” – every occasionally I’d just like to have a sudden release. Popped the news on Monday and you can start getting your hands on these tomorrow.  

Marshall Headphone Unbox and Review

My first unbox video. What’s up.  I go by B.C.Be.Seen. [bcbeseen] I’ve been a big fan of those vids, never thought I’d give it a try. Nor Did I know it was going to be that tedious- multiple takes (on an unbox video!?) and 4

Thanksgiving Celebration!

That’s in less than 24 hours. ↑ -Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website || Shop of Imagination || http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

Red Balloon Recap

The last Red Balloon event. I felt super honored to be a part of it. It was rather hectic, since aside from vending there, TIZ also had a “surprise” performance at the show. While I sound checking and practicing with the performers, Karen and Adrienne

Preparation for the Red Balloon Benefit Concert

The Red Balloon benefit concert’s in a few, just wrapped up our practice last night.Oh, for more event info, [check here.]  $10 at the door. 5-930PM. Sci Lec. 123. (100% of your money goes straight to the UC Davis Children’s Hospital sponsoring music therapy programs.)

Red Balloon x TIZ are in

Got the shirts and ready to send them first thing Monday. Thank you all who supported TIZ and Red Balloon and purchased the shirt in advance! Sorry, the pre-order period has ended. If you still like to purchase the collabo tee, please stay tune for

World of Dance – 2010 Vallejo Recap

The event was HUGE – a few thousand people in and out to say the least. Overall, it was a competition split down the middle into the youth division and upper division with a couple of mind blowing performances by Future Funk, Les Twins, and

SF Giants’ Parade

Giants’ won the world series since a long long long time, so they got this parade going in downtown San Francisco to celebrate its victory. More like the biggest block party ever, with more than 1 million attendees. Holy crap. Truth be told, I’m not

Happy Halloween!

Have a good one, guys!After graduation, Michelle’s been focusing on her LSAT full time (more than 38 hours a week, sometimes overtime) and I’ve been working on TIZ related stuff, here’s how we spent our Halloween: You, on the other hand, have fun while you

San Diego Asian Film Fest Recap

It’s been a very significant weekend. Aside from breaking my own record of driving-for-the-longest time-in-3 days (20+ hours spent driving alone), I was able to bring my interns to our FIRST outside of Davis event, meet a crap load of interesting people, plus a few

San Diego Asian Film Fest.

Walup guys, I’ll be heading down(via car) to San Diego for the next 3 days. Updates will be posted when I return. To get snippets of what’s happening on my trip, check my [twitter] (It’ll probably be bombarded with my complaints about traffic). Best!Benson ↑

FAME San Jose Recap

This happened last Saturday, my schedule’s been clustered by too many micro errands that I couldn’t find to update this till now, mah bad. Invited by [BobbiVie], Michelle and I headed down to SJ for the glorious FAME event. I had a really good impression

New Wallpaper.

This is Ko-wei, aside from videography, he’s phenomenal with 3D work. Though, a bit less than a year into the game, he’s been producing outstanding projects with TIZ. Awhile back, he’s made our [Zeeb mascot in 3D]. With our Series 3’s release, he’s made a

Series 3’s New Features. Check before you buy.

It took me a while to put out this series for a few reasons – After closely examining through all your feedback and criticisms a while back, I had to go through a few adjustments and changes. Also, this is my first series after taking

Series 3 – Idea behind each shirt – 5/5

Side note // Pardon the delayed update – my modem blew up yesterday. This is the last, but not least, design for Series 3. Few months back, for the celebration of TIZ’s anniversary, I decided to bring one shirt back and it was up to

Series 3 – Idea behind each shirt – 4/5

Numbah 4 – Dream like you mean it. Don’t just dream, take the risks and pursuit your dream. It’s never too late nor too early to start. Hope you are all enjoying the shirts so far. ↑ ======================================================================== -Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary