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GDAC Trunk Sale

TIZ was invited by Joey Fuetsch from Global Diversity Achievement Club to vend at their trunk sale. So we, Michelle and I, took off from Davis early in the morning for the tabling…


Here it is, the flyer for the event.

The good sports from GDAC that took on the responsibility of handling the mu-lah.

Natasha and Esther.

I was there to frighten people, really.

..and demonstrate amazing pull ups.

Upper Playground was also at the event.

Led by Jason Lee and Jordan Ma, the Cal/San Diego based clothing line Inogu Fabrics came out with their latest shirts.

Robbie from LowerHater also popped by with a series of fresh tees.

Jeff from Nibus brought out their cuts and sew collabos with different artists to the sale.

Also where I got my Simpsons toy.

Rasikh dropped by, too. The man to the right is Joey.

Here’s Richard’s solo shot.

Rene, Wendy, and Joey from the GDAC team.

Thanks, guys. It was a fun event!

Check out BARE magazine’s coverage of the event.

//please inform me if I misspelled anything.

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