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Air Max Light Custom

It’s been ages since I last pick up a brush for shoe customization.
Before the whole TIZ stuff, I started off my “artistic career” by panting customized graffiti hats and shoes. Man, I almost forgot how fun it is to redesign shoes again.

I used to make shoes with exaggerated colors, denim, and obnoxious graphics.  For this customization, I went for a different approach – subtle and simple. Goal is to make a pair of kick to complement an outfit, not to break necks.

Here’s what went down:

↑ The base shoes – Air Max Light with vibrant colors. My brother got it a few years ago. He wore a few times, then soon migrated to more simplistic shoes. After asking for his permission, I get to do whatever I want to these.

↑The green, the blue, the black, the pink. Not everyone can pull this off.

Here’s the stuff I usually prep for a custom work:

The Canvas.

↑I had this old toothbrush that I use to clean up any old shoes before the paint job.

I didn’t have acetone (I misplaced it), so I used nail polish remover to get rid out the clear coat on the leather part of the shoe.

↑ Nail polish remover isn’t as strong as industrial acetone, so I had to clean the leather a several times with it to get down to the right texture.

Taping the edges.

Use leather paint, anything else would crack. I painted with the “Angelus Brand”.

↑Allow time to dry before 2nd coat. I’d paint 2-3 coats (Usually 2, cuz I usually don’t have the patient to paint to 3. )


↑That was it, sorry to disappoint ya. There won’t be any elaborate drawings. Black with the Pink accent’s perfect for a subtle shoe.
Last but not least: the tongue tag.

I used the space on the tongue for my last touch.

“The Imaginary Zebra”. BC custom. 11/10/10.

Laced up.

That’s it. *wink

Til next time,
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