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APCN Fashion Show

One of TIZ’s biggest fashion show/performance production. Headlining Fanny Pak with opener Eye Eighty. Are you ready for a mass load of photos?….

After weeks of planning between DKwan, Rasikh, Nesquik, Michelle, the bboys, musicians, hiphop dancers, and I, it finally paid off.

Big ups to the event coordinators – Cody Le and Sophia Tai. They must have spent countless hours of intense discussing, info gathering, flyers printing, stressing, and not-sleeping to get the show together.


Here’s all the hardworks presented in snap shots(Stunning photos provided by Paul Chan, Jim Lin, and Michelle Huynh)

“Check” on MC’s.

“Check” on Lightings.

“Check” on audience anticipation.

and here. we. go.

Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan & Apsaras was the event opener to pump up the crowd.

Followed by Na Keiki O’ Hawai’i

And many more performances with Asian culture.


Lion Dance by Alpha Zeta Psi

Hmong Motionz

MK Folk Dance Troupe

action shots of Darryl to the left and Dennison to the right.

Davis Chinese School

and their choir group that wrapped up the first half of the event.

TIZ’s first up after the break, so time to set everything up.
We had 10 minutes to make sure everything’s set up. Oh boy, there were 6 butterflies in stomach.

Placements, last minute warm up, and sound ques. We were one curtain and 2 minutes away from the performance.

Time’s up.

Bboy Gavin for the opener of our segments. The girls went wild.

Action shots!




beatbox and mc.

Piano and violin.

Oh yes. All passion there.

We went all out.

That was the wrap of our show. I had to use the cover picture again because it’s just so dam epic.
Unbound Vision also threw a fashion show to showcase their upcoming line.

Andrew and his moves.

Mobility whipped out their dance moves for the 2nd half of the show.

Billy, Jackie, Paul, and Jason’s portion.

Linda and Jeffery also had a musical performance.

Claude Quebec was one dope MC, ludicrous entertainer, and one hella hard gangsta.

Don’t mess with this guy, he’s got his own ATM card.

Then the finale, the show that everyone’s been waiting for: Eye Eighty and Fanny Pak.

Clean moves. Every performance from the show was made of brilliance.
Star Struck Moments:
Everyone wants a photo with Claude, of course.

Nesqu!k x Claude.

Feels good to be a gangsta.

Hope you like the shirt, CQ.

Face to face with Fanny Pak -Matt, Glenda, Phillip, Tiffani, Barracuda, Beau and Megan.

Pleasant, down to earth folks.

Wendy and Johnson from Mobility.

Special Thanks

Manshell, my humorista, who’s been a mental support for the past..too many weeks.

The tech peeps.

Long, Kimberly, and Justin for making the show happen.

Marc, Jessica, Ben, Sophia, Cody, and all the APCWers.

Friends that popped by to support TIZ.

Nickles, Howard, and Hannah

Hails from SF, Justin, Maxine, Karen, and Nancy.

Friends that work behind the table and finishing work behind every shirt.

Jim, Kevin, Tony, Cody, Joey, Carmut, Paul, and Jojo.

Last but not least, all the sexies that modeled and performed the show.

let’s just leave this picture as that.

Keep up the opened mind.

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