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APCW Buttons

APCW is coming up, starting the week of April 20th. There’ll be a series of events, workshops, and performance throughout,be sure to check the website for more specific info. I’ve also provided a few button designs for the occasion. All the….

Buttons are 2.5 inches in diameter and each has a quote, not shown in the following, on the rim.

Of course, there’s the Dino that we can never leave out.

and the Glasses graffiti cassette tape.

To play around with the pan marking theme, I’ve made the APCW talk bubble button.

This button’s suitable for dark or black background.

Get it? Well, dino needed something to chump on.

The APCW team was kind enough to help TIZ making a couple of buttons.

See you guys at APCW.

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