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Asian Pacific Culture Week Events

All the graphic designs, video ads, and buttons were made to promote the occasion. It’s finally going to be here. The week round event is starting on April 20th…..

Here’s a brief look at each day’s event:

[Kickoff at the MU Patio @ MU Patio]
Don’t by shy to mix it up! Come join us for an hour of amazing performances from 12-1pm featuring live music and student dance groups. Also don’t miss out on all the food, games, and activities. (If raining, Kickoff will move to MUII)

[Secret Identities Launch Tour @ MU II]
May we present The Asian American Superhero Anthology! It’s the first-ever graphic novel collection of original stories exploring caped crusaders from the nation’s fastest-growing community. Actor/Editor Parry Shen will be hosting the interactive presentation and book signing!

[Na Keiki O’ Hawaii Dance Workshop @ MU II]
Learn some traditional dances from the Hawaii Club at this dance workshop!

[Minorities within Minorities @ MU II]
Let’s go over the many definitions and identities that fall under the label Queer/LGBTIQ! Share your experiences and gain advice from the API queer identified hosts.

[Are You Smarter than an ASA TA? @ MUII]
Who really deserves to be grading papers? Well this contest hopes to answer that very question with a battle of wits between students and teaching assistants from the Asian American Studies department.


[You Gotta Fight for Your Rights! @ MUII]
What to do when in trouble with the law!? Come find out how the law affects Asian Pacific Islanders. Free food and refreshments will be served!

[Ahh, De-stress Me @ MU II]
Want to pull your hair out? We all do! But what are the causes of stress for Asian Pacific Islanders? Come and learn ways to de-stress your life!

[Mixed Sweet Treats @ MU II]
Yum! Participants will learn how to make Turon (Filipino Deep Fried Bananas), Che Bap (Vietnamese dessert soup), and Dango (Japanese rice balls with red bean).


[Miscommunication and Misconceptions – An APIA and African/African American Community Dialogue @ MU II]
Ch*nks? N***ers? No!!! This will be a safe space deal with issues facing these two communities and also try to eliminate any misunderstandings that hurt us all!

[Lyrical Expressions: Benefiting the Jade Ribbon Campaign @ Griffin Lounge]
7:30 PM
Over half of the U.S. population affected by chronic Hepatitis B are of Asian Pacific Islander descent! Learn about Hepatitis B and then express yourself at the open mic. All donations given will go towards the Jade Ribbon Campaign.

[Economic Depression=Depressed API Students? @ MU II
Come learn about how the current recession affects API communities and what you can do about it. Free food and refreshments!

[Asian Pacific Culture Night ~Hybridity: In The Mix~ @ Freeborn Hall]
A visual spectacle and cultural fusion that will feature fashion, music, and dance from various artists. The different sounds from our diverse communities will come together to continue the movement for Asian Pacific Islander visibility and cultural awareness. Featuring special performances from Fanny Pak and Eye Eighty!

[Rise @ Kings Lounge]
This retreat will focus on sociopolitical issues surrounding the Asian Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, South Asian community. We will talk in a safe environment about localization of change, HIV/AIDs, myths, and body images.

[The times of these programs are tentative and may or may not change.]

Oh boy, have fun.

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