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CES 2013—Day1 of 2

Ah, the actual show. This is part 1 of 2 of this ENORMOUS trade show, where they had exhibits in Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and the Venetian ballrooms. All the big players were at LVCC, leaving some of the most innovative startups in Venetian. Day 1—The Venetian.
Woke up not really early, but still early enough to make it to breakfast.

Thanks to Yao coupons, we nailed some quality breakfast for about $7 each. Good start.

Tony couldn’t wait to devour those egg Benedicts.

The show opened at 7:30AM.

I’m not good at many things, and waking up early is definitely one of them.

Badge acquired.

Let’s roll.

A product by In2uit:

Beautifully designed, meaning it looks nothing like speakers. If I wear purses, I’d be down for one of these.

Bar speakers by Exelway:

Wall speakers that takes little real estate. So much potential.

Things like these would only come from startups:

Innovation often requires the balls to take risks. A great idea that beg to differ would almost certainly be shot down as it goes through the various layers of the hierarchy structure of a big corporation. Large brands like to play it safe. And massage mouse isn’t safe (metaphorically).

I applaud the thinking and execution they had for renting out a hundred, if not thousand, dollor booth to display this. I hope this flies. Best of luck.

Saw a couple of 3D printers in the building:

…and the objects they can produce blew my freakin’ mind:

That’s a bunny. So far, so good.




That’s a $3000 dollar machine for small scale 3D printing and a $30,000 machine for more complex designs.

Vapor Armor is one of the best “products” I’ve seen thus far:

They can vacuum seal almost any item to make it waterproof. Cool thing is there’s no visible guard nor wrapper when finished. The only down side is they’re looking for manufactures to integrate this process into the production line, instead of working directly with end users. Also, it’s pretty pricey. Even with a wholesaler (large manufacturer), it’d cost $30-60 to seal one product.

Auto. foldable baby stroller. Very cool, but I’m not exactly sure why this would come in handy.

Too lazy to pull your cell phone out of your pants? There’s a product for that:

Brother showed up with an amazing embroidery machine:


FlyGrip—the one handed smartphone solution:

T-Mobile had an amazing booth out in the back. Took up a whole conference room.

I was born a diva, son.

Tony’s great grand kid.

Quick break.

Holi, a company that makes colorful LED light fixtures that can be controlled by smartphones.

They also made colorful shades.

More one handed solution for your smart devices.

Transparent LED? not bad.

Vapor touch sensor device? AWESOME.

A device implemented in the seat cushion to reduce noise. I thought they were offering massage seats. My bad.

Met up with Yao for dinnner.

Yao’s the Yelp for Vegas (metaphorically). He’s the go-to guy for any casino reviews, restaurant reviews and directions…etc.

He brought us to Aria for its new buffet joint:

There goes day 1 of CES.

’til tomorrow,


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