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Club Glamour Fashion Show

The fashion show that we’ve(12 talented individuals and 1 picky man) been working on for past weeeeks. TIZ’s been trying to present something more than the ordinary walks for any fashion shows and the goal is to have the audience applause till it hurts.

Amy kindly invited TIZ for this eminent event, making this our 2nd time join in with the Student Fashion Association from UC Davis. Enough prep talk, let’s get to the happenings:
4:30pm – 6:30pm

Due to the strict rules of the venue, the designers weren’t allow to enter till just a few hours before the show, which left us little time to rehearse. But no worries, we squeezed the most out of it, the sexies pulled it off.


Door opened at 6:30, people started showing up. We were assigned to a great table,
stickers and cards were just flying out of the table just moments before the show.

Joey did a great job.

PEOPLE showed up.

Many of my friends and family came to support the show.

Nancy and Shirley here.

Kyle and Connie.

The Aliga Fam Bam.

My fam bam, Nicole, and Julian.

and the ladies.

Michelle and Carmut.
7:30pm – 8:15pm

There it was, the start of the show. Lights dimmed, MC announced, and the flamboyant models walked. More than 20 designers participated in the show. Their cuts-and-sews’ were absolutely amazing.

Nicki was also one of the runway model.

So was Jodie.

The sets were beautiful. Time flies, next thing we know- it was time for TIZ to hit up the stage.
8:15pm- …time just lost its meaning at this point

Our show was the first after intermission. Rasikh and Susan announced the raffle winners for an iPOD sponsored by DavisText.

For you Aggies, support Davis Text. (get your course required books weeks before the class starts at a cheaper price!)

Time seemed to slow down and my heart seemed to speed up.

Audience waiting.

The crew backstage ready to tear the roof.

Time for last minute stretch.

Make sure the sound system’s good. (fingers cross)

Camera crew ready.

We have Paul and Jim here (Who took most of the pictures you see here.) and Michelle (who was taking this picture)

Jobu, the bboy, in place.

…then it was the SHOW.



Dkwan, Gabi, and Nesquik


Jobu and Sarah

MAD intense.

Gabi, Nesquik, and Billy

Jackie and Julia

Unfortunately, due to techinical failure, the very final performance weren’t able to be presented.
Other than the accident, the show went great: Gabi, Nesquik, and Dkwan improved the last part.

We’ve done what could’ve to make the show perfect- hours of discussion and days of rehearsal. So if you see any of the models from the TIZ crew, do pad them in the back.

Our next show would be even better. So stay tune.
(Video for the show will be posted up soon. )
I don’t even know what time it was after the show.

Thanks, photographer- Manshell.

Thanks for coming, Chou’s.

The mighty helpers of the day- answered questions, packed shirts, gave out stickers, shook hand, took pictures. Hot dam.

Yen, Cody, Tony, Joey.

These folks really helped making the show possible.

Then, of course, the group shoot of the group of the extraordinary ladies and gents.

Billy, Sarah, Kevin, Nestor, Daniel, Rasikh, Jackie, Julia, Gabi, Eric, Jobu, and Chris.


Special thanks to Amy, Cheng, Paul Chan, Jim, Michelle, Cody, Joey, Tony, Yen, all the friends that dropped by, and definitely the Chou’s.

Long live TIZ.

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