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Customized Origami Speakers

Asked by Eric Kim [AirwickKim], a great friend of mine, to customize these.
Innovative design allowing people to fold them flat for travels..I think I defeated the purpose with my customs, sorry Eric. I couldn’t help it.

The idea behind this custom was to incorporate “Eric”, “Davis”, and “TIZ”, haha.
With its flat surface as canvas, I wanted to do more than basic doodles. I saw as plains to build things on. Since there’s no, strictly speaking, a single to approach this, here’s what I did:

The transparent material’s cool, I didn’t want to cover it all up with paint.

Materials used:

To start off (without primer) I painted a few coats of blue.

I used epoxy putty to create the texture of the waves.

Intentional paint drips on the sides of the speakers, leaving parts of the transparent surfaces.

School Glue!

Grass land in the middle of the sea.

The epoxy putty is super useful. By combining two materials into this play-doh type thing, you can sculpt whatever you’d like and it’ll be solidified to be used as a prop or toy.

It was getting late. While waiting for the putty to dry, I crashed.

I made a banana, tempura, a boat with the putty.

and I painted “Eric.”

↑Why red? Cuz’ he’s from the blood, son! or maybe that’s just the impression I got of him, the red tee with the red sneakers.

Last step: protecting the paint with varnish.

↑I prefer satin.


↑Eric, check.

↑Davis, check.

↑TIZ, check.

’til next time,
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