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Daily—Ranch99, Home Depot, Props

They say the best part of a project is not the result, but the process. I agree, but not all parts of the process is as engaging as the direct development of the product. Errands, they’re not the most delightful steps of realizing a project, but they have to be done.

Today’s one of those days where we run errands, a critical but rather boring stage of what-it-seem-to-be a fruitful process.

Michelle’s been making fresh fruit juice in the morning. She basically throws all the fruits we have at home and blend them into a concentrated cup of awesomeness. Today, we had tomato(fruit or veggie, again?), strawberry, cranberry, lemon, carrot, and banana. We just shit on Jumba Juice like there’s no tomorrow.
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The UPS store.

We don’t have a FAX machine back home, (shouldn’t FAX be obsolete like floppy disks by now?!) so whenever there’s a need for it, UPS store or Staple are our go-to spot. We chose those places only because they’re close by.
The first normal picture of Daniel that I’ve taken for awhile.


Michelle also laminated the art we did couple of days ago.
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The instant noodle isle. It’s sad to see the selection’s so little. Or maybe it’s just right, I’m just spoiled by what Asia offers. There are so many kinds of instant noodles in Taiwan, I wouldn’t surprised if they have a museum for them. Speaking of which, they actually do! I have yet to visit.

The colors of nature. Best colors, ever.
121113-7 121113-11 121113-10 121113-9 121113-8 121113-13

Torn edges is a nice touch. The slight beige tiny and texture of the paper complements the scripted calligraphy. Everything looks very organic and natural. Making this one of the more expensive sakes that they offer at Ranch 99. But design would means fluff if the actual product itself is shit.
I don’t know how well this tastes; it was too expensive for an impulse buy.

Swung by the tea shop in Pacific East Mall. They change up their billboards with post-its instead of open-to-all-kinds-of-media.

Daniel couldn’t pass on the opportunity. 121113-16 121113-17 121113-18

This, is how Michelle perceives me:
Just chubbier, older, and with less hair. Otherwise, it’s pretty spot on. (Disclaimer: Michelle stated that she originally wanted to draw a chubby fellow. Then, she added glass and thought it looked like me. So, this was not intentional, but rather serendipitously become me. )


Michelle’s Imaginary Zebra trademark. I think she’d be happy if this were to be the new logo.

We didn’t just draw and vandalize the board, of course, we left with pop corn chicken. 121113-22

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Home Depot.

Just had to grab a flood lamp. In and out. Quickly.
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Using the clams we bought from Ranch 99 today while they’re fresh, Michelle pulled a Gordon Ramsay and whipped up this season food spaghetti, with a bonus of riesling from Mondavi. 121113-27 121113-28

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Work, work, and work.
This is one of the perks of working at home—we’re pretty flexible on when we work, as long as we meet deadlines and supply quality results. And if you’ve been reading my journals, you probably figured I’m a big night person. 121113-34 121113-30 121113-33

A prop for Michelle’s grad show.121113-35

BAM. 121113-37

Then, more work.

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[aside]1:32PM[/aside] 121113-31
Rewarding myself with a stick of Red bean milk popsicle from Ranch 99.
This is THE bomb. It’s old school and I’ve had it since I was 6. Still as good as ever.
It’s nothing fancy, but you just can’t give it up once you had it. Like Coke (coca cola, that is).


’til tomorrow,

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