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DIY Miniature Trash Cans

It was a quick and spontaneous project and it all started here:

On my way back home from running errands, I stopped by a garage sale. I’ve been looking for a trash can large enough to serve as the recycle container for the house. Voila, I found this guy sitting in the middle of piles of broken frames and baby cloths (Kids grow and people start having digital photos instead of physical ones.) I was expecting to pay $3+ but 50 cent was the first price they offered. Deal sealed.

(Most garage sales happen on Saturdays. Perfect situation where you see one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Though, often time, junks are junks across the board. )

With the two white plastic trash cans standing along side the other, I just can’t help to find ways to make them a bit lively and perhaps more distinctive in terms of its own purpose. So, I took inspirations from these guys:

I’ll be making miniature versions of them.

A man cannot produce his masterpiece without the right tool – first stop, Home Depot.

Ah, we meet again.

..sorda filtered down to these two:

I had a picture taken of the trash cans with me, so I was able to sorda compare the colors.

Now that tool’s are set, it’s time to clean those guys up.

Most stuff you get from garage sales will need some tidy-up. For a DIY junky like me, it’s always a pleasurable process when refurbishing the odd and dirty things I pick up. 

Ridding the sticker for smooth surface.


Color matching with the actual canisters:


…oh well. For future reference, brilliant blue is NOT royal blue.

Spray it 10-15″ alway for even coverage.

Wind blew and the half-dry can dropped onto a pile of pebbles and leaves. They stuck on the surface and was a nightmare to take them off. My mentally when shit like this happens is to “accept it” as oppose to “fix it.” 

“It adds character.”

Moving on.

Definitely NOT the right blue.


Now adding details.

Acrylic paint for the paint job.

Just regular white color pencil to roughly sketch out the graphics.

I don’t know how well I can benefit mankind by recycling. So there’s no broad message here, I recycle simply because I can. Hence, in the house we go by “Because I can Recycles.”

Similar fashion for the front of the can, I just used today’s date instead.


’til my next project,
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