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Ghetto Inexpensive Macro Lens Trick

A pretty cool trick I came across from browsing through the web. (This trick is meant for those who can’t/ don’t want to afford the highly priced macro lenses and just like to shoot macro for entertainment & experimental purposes.)

↑Here’s the model: My palm Centro that’s been with me for almost 18 months now. I shot at the 55m range, hoping that this could reflect the closest a kit lens can get before out of focus.

↑ This is the closest I’d get with the 24-85. I’m sure some of you have lenses that can get even closer.

Nevertheless, none of those are macro.

Here goes the Macro trick:

For your kit lens, zoom it in and focus to infinity and also make sure it’s manual focus.

↑ Focus your 50 to infinity. (It’ll end up like the short form on the left. )

↑ Uncap both sides and place the 50mm front to front of the kit lens. Make sure they’re both in contact with each other. 

Shoot away. I had to move in and out (it gets pretty close to the object) to figure out the perfect focus.
// With ultra macro, it takes a steady hand.


Like super all-up-in-yo-face-pore-type status.

There’s an alternative route, too. with just the 50mm. This actually was a pretty good Macro approach.

The image was really motion sensitive. It took me awhile to get a steady shot.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty cool trick to mess around with. Pretty decent macro shots, wouldn’t you think?

Till next time.

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