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Hangouts – Tony’s 23rd & Making of shoulder covers

Phew, hectic Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Felt much colder this time around – where were all the HOT deals?! I got a pair of jeans from Levi’s for 40% off + free shipping. The End. That’s a wrap for the holiday shopping story.

Anyway, while cruising the web- slick deals, blackfridayads, fatwallet- I dug out some photos that I took last week. Thought I’d share.

Tony’s 23rd birthday!!!

↑Best birthday cake pie ever. Not too sweet. I didn’t have to waste the overwhelming frosting like I did to most birthday cakes. 

It was right after the [Red Balloon] event. Tony cooked a feast for celebration.

After a quick chilling period after dinner, it was time for doom. Admit it, you saw this coming.

↑Max looked like one of them Chinese ganstas.

We played “Power Hour” for shots. It’s typically done with beer – one shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes. This time around, we took 1 shot of hard liquor every 10 minutes.

I’m a low tolerate, so bam: 

I think I can still remember a glimpse of fun time.

Move on. This was before Tony’s bday and the Red Balloon event. 2 weeks ago, Eden, Li and I spent the night making shoulder covers hoping to bring out that “classy/luxury” look for our t-shirt display. (..which eventually back fired.) Here’s the making of..

I bought a HUGE piece of poly sheet for this particular project.

I cut out individual rectangles from the BIG sheet. Eden cut out each piece into the cover shape.

Li glue the shapes into the cover.

The same process lasted for 2 hours. 2 HOURS. I had a quick summer job at packing CDs before – the worst job that I’ve ever had. It wasn’t difficult, but the continuous motion of the same exact thing can drive people crazy. (props to Eden and Li)

Eden played with light painting.

Courtesy of Jim and Tony – Honey cake and Aloe. FTW!

↑wipe yo-self.

Continue after snacks.

↑ Asian cups FTW.

2 more hours later: BAM!

We, then, headed back to my friends place. (Now that I no longer have a place in Davis.)


↑ Sweet potato!

↑Alex and caca came out, too.

Fun times.

’til next time.
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