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Ice Cream. Pier. Pictures

Enjoy your daily sunshine. Michelle and I sure did. We dropped by SF to relish the well known ice cream and work the Canon XTi…

twice we filled this baby up. Fishermans Wharf is one crowded place. Instead of paying the 8 bucks flat rate, we spent $5 for a good afternoon at the pier.

1st stop, the Ghirardelli square, located right next to the habor, with more than, I’d say, 4 ice cream shops at the corners of the square.

Ghirardelli’s the word.

ummm…bananana split.

Though a bit pricey, the mix of strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and banana’s finger licking..well, spoon double licking good.

The interior of the place has an enormous chocolate fundue looking machine.

..and always crowded with sweet tooths.

Then we walked along the sidewalks for some random sightings. We saw Brad and Angelina.

A van with chrome rims and loud music. This car’s been circling around the area for a good 2 hours while we were there. Either it’s a texi in disguise without customer or just ran outa luck at finding a big enough parking space.

Sucks both ways.

Look, the green crew.

the not so green crew.

Seems like whoever owns a SLR would have to appreciate nature’s beauty by preserving it with a stunning photograph. I fell into the same category.

Later, it was a series of photoshoot sessions. Here we have Michelle, on the left, demostrating how to look good by pivoting the body and swinging the bag at the same time.

I concluded that I was a bad photographer for the left side picture and a lousy model for the right side picture.

Here’s the serious stuff, though:

Bam, that was the end of pier 39.
Japan town was our next destination.

You can’t not take any sticky pics when you’re at Japan Town.


I also purchased the Astro Boy collection at their bookstore.

And look who we’ve bumped into:

Karen and Adrian, who have been supporting TIZ for the longest time. Thanks!

That. wraped up the day.

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