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Japan Trip—Day 2

Day number two. We’ve begun to stay out later, sleep fewer hours, and have less time in the morning to prep (or write blogs) as we’re cramping more events into our schedules. So, I afraid I may not have time to update these trip recaps on the daily. Sorry, ladies and gents.

For day 2, we decided to kick off our day with some Japanese breakfast. Here’s one right next to our hotel.

It was a do-it-yourself system, where we pick out what we want and pay for them at the end of the line. It reminded me of high school, except the food’s ten fold better—it’s got salmon, fried pork, different types of dons, and all kinds of goodies. 090513_2

I ordered tamago (eggs), and this went down: 090513_3

Look at this:  090513_4
Authentic shit.

Oyakodon. I didn’t know Japanese eat the type of food I eat as dinner for breakfast. No wonder why they’d be able to invent all these ingenious gadgets. 090513_5
We picked up a couple of other dishes as well. Turned out to be around $7 per person, which is relatively inexpensive. (But of course, if you want breakfast on the cheap, go to Taiwan. You’d be stuffed with just $4)

Big breakfast, done. Then it was off to everywhere-in-Tokyo090513_6
Here’s the one day metro pass from the airport. They had a discount for these at 100 yen (around $1 US), if you purchase their shuttle buses (bus limousine). You get to ride their Tokyo metro system all day for the cost of 100 yen. 100 YEN!! Bang for the buck, no doubt.

To go anywhere, we start with a map: 090513_7
There are many ways to get from one location to another. It’s always like a game as we scramble through the routes to seek the shortest method.

First stop: Ikebukuro.

Japan has very creative buildings: 090513_9
Thought of my lady. Except her eyes are bigger.

I think a cool part of Japan are these: 090513_11
Although, smoking’s allowed in most restaurants, it’s cool that they have these dedicated zones for smokers. I got lucky with this photo, most of the time it’s so foggy in there, I could barely made out the face of each person.

Here’s the shop that we came to Ikebukuro for (they have multiple chain stores, this one’s just closest to us). “ALOOK” is an eye wear store, where they have 4 levels of pricing, as you see below, and they can get the glasses fully ready in 25 minutes. It’s like a fast food joint for glasses.
I didn’t end up buying anything because I was too picky.

Destination 2: Kaminarimon. 090513_18
It’s a temple, and a tour-spot. I think I saw more Chinese people here than the locals.

Nonetheless, it’s awesome: 090513_13

I’m not sure if this is true, but I think this is one of the few places in Tokyo that still truly preserves the aesthetics and appeals of the traditional Japanese culture. This place is unique unlike downtown or the central districts of the heavy populated cities, they all look very similar to me with the skyscrapers, lights, and billboards. 090513_14 090513_15 090513_16 090513_17 090513_19 090513_20

A cool feature about template is that you can always discover your fortune without buying a Chinese meal. 090513_21

These are the bad fortunes. They ask you to tie them on these rods, and at the end of the day the monks would burn them as a sign of cleansing your fortune. How nice. 090513_22

Another way to bring luck is by washing your hands and drinking the water from this fountain. 090513_23

And this:090513_24
Does absolutely nothing to your fortune. It does cool you off the summer heat, though.

090513_25 090513_26

Found these capsule stations. At 200 yen, I decided to buy a souvenir.090513_27


As I was on my way out, I saw this lady: 090513_29

Quick lunch break: 090513_30
I’ve been folding this for years now, and I’m glad someone’s finally put the instructions up.


Yes, I’m eating seafood. They’re delicious, even if they’re radioactive. 090513_32

Next, Akihabara. The paradise of hermits and geeks. 090513_37

Japan is the land of anime. You won’t believe how heavy the anime culture is embedded in the lives of the people here. Billboards of new anime and games posted on multiple buildings across the streets:090513_38

Teasers and trailers in every single glass case. 090513_39

Akihabara consists of a few things: 1. Electronic stores.

2. UFO machines:090513_40

3. Capsule stations:090513_41
There’s a capsule for anything.


5. Kids that are insanely good at video games. 090513_43
If she’s not a professional drummer, I don’t who is.

I was lured into one of the UFP machines. And as a result…let’s just say this turn out to be one very expensive toy. In my eye.

There’s a Gundam Cafe. Yes, that’s right. Close your mouth and wipe yo-self. 090513_45

They also offer a series of clever little things that I wish I could bring them all back. 090513_46 090513_47 090513_48 090513_49 090513_50 090513_51

Since I couldn’t afford them, I took a picture instead. Here’s me, my belly, and a miniature Gundam. 090513_52

Next door,  there’s 6 stories tall building filled with adult DVDs, toys, and costumes. Unfortunately, there’s no picture taking in the shops. You’d just have to visit yourself. 090513_53

What did I say about the influence of their anime: 090513_54 090513_56 090513_57

We then headed to Ginza—one of the most expensive district in Tokyo. 090513_58
This is where you’d find all upscale brands and where people learn to window shop.

Look at this extravagant building. It’s only Gap.
090513_59 090513_60

An adorable installation of this angel hiding for his next attack. 090513_61

Maybach, why not. 090513_62 090513_63 090513_64

Finally location of the day—Tokyo, Tokyo. The Tokyo central station. 090513_66

As I was taking photos, my crew optimizing the time by resting. It’s been a long day, and it’s apparent that they couldn’t wait for the day to end. 090513_67 090513_68

..but wait, here goes dinner:090513_69

Fried Salmon. 090513_70 090513_71 090513_72 090513_73

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BAM, done.til’ tomorrow,


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