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Keds Champion – Customization

A shoe custom that’s been way overdue. (sorry, Justine) Similar to the pair of vans I did last time, it was markers on canvas.

I was asked to put a date and a phrase on the shoes. My style has been covering the majority of the shoes with designs, but I thought I’d try something different; more of a symmetrical approach.

↑Never tried Keds in the past, but they seem to be doing pretty well with their simplistic style.

Having canvas material makes the custom a lot easier. No acetone needed to get rid of the old paint nor coat of primer to get the shoe ready.

Shouldn’t have started the custom so late at night..

Sketch -> outline.


↑Sig to finish. Bam.

↑ZOTD’s Gui Pires! with Timeless black tee.

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