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New Imaginations out for APCN

That is right, 4 new shirts will be premiered during APCN on 04/24/09.
For those that will be attending the event, a surprise color way of the OG tee will also be available for purchase!

As for the rest that can’t make it to the event, all shirts will be posted on 04/25/09 at 7:12pm. Using this time. All….

shirts are limited in quantity, so if you haven’t gotten chance to get a shirt because the design you like always sold out in your size, then come quick. and set an alarm for the occasion!

You can get your tickets from Freeborn Ticket Office (Open Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM). Pre-sales are currently $10 and will increase at the door.

That’s right, Eye Eighty and Fanny Pak will be performing at the event as well.

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