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Paperman Inspired Munny Project

060913_1Couple years ago, a friend handed me a blank Munny, a DIY figurine from Kidrobot, and asked me to do whatever I’d like to it. With little time and idea, I’ve been guiltily putting this project on hold… (Better late than never, right, Johnson?)

It wasn’t until recently where I re-watched the short by Pixar when an idea sparked. 060913_2
Not only would this idea make a pretty interesting custom (when done right), the short that inspired the custom resonates with the friend in many aspects, so this seemed only fitting.

Here’s the screencap of what inspired me: 060913_3

Now, less thinking, more doing: 060913_4


I was too busy painting this guy, I forgot to take pictures of the process. Good thing everything was pretty boring up ’till this point. 1 hour and 20 minutes later..060913_620% of the time painting, 70% waiting for paint to dry, 5% facebook/instagram break, and 5% hunting for snacks and coke refills.

Playing off the color scheme from the film, I used the monochromatic palette for this project.

Here’s my favorite part: 060913_8I folded paper planes with their heads cut off, so there’d be enough surface area to glue onto the figure. 7 were made total, and only 3 made it pass my rigorous standard. (…that’s actually more than 40% acceptance rate, maybe I should raise my standards in the future.)


Super glued those bad boys. 060913_10

Detail is key. 060913_11

060913_12Hope you like this, Johnson.
(I’ll be asking for that studio tour soon.)

’til next time,

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  1. i love the lipstick mark on that one!!!! dem details 🙂

    take me on a tour too johnson haha!