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Project 365: Mid October to Early November

Yosh yosh! One post a day, gotta keep it up. Started on 8/31/10 when I received my Canon T2i and I’ve posted 68 times now – Less than 300 days to go! [Project 365. Powered by Tumblr]

Here’s few from the last 20ish days:

↑”Dress in layers.”[Project 365]

↑”New packaging for Series 3″[Project 365]

↑”*Shocked”[Project 365]

↑”My invisible Mobile”[Project 365]

↑”Too many things to do? Get a clock that gives you 30 hours a day”[Project 365]

↑”Photoshop’s perspective”[Project 365]

↑”Danny Pudi”[Project 365]

↑”Time in Money”[Project 365]

↑”Origami Instruction”[Project 365]

↑”Giants won world series”[Project 365]

↑”Nov.”[Project 365]

↑”365.”[Project 365]

↑”San Diego Bay View”[Project 365]

↑”Chris Dinh”[Project 365]

↑”Mosaic”[Project 365]

↑”Cheer up, at least you’re not a toothbrush”[Project 365]

↑”Cheer up, at least you’re not toilet paper”[Project 365]

↑New recommend feature. (new to me, not to tumblr.) Please support! [Project 365]

Til next time,
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