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Quick desktop signage project

I’m building a new book shelf. Actually, just stacking a couple of wooden boards on top of another with bricks. Nonetheless, on top of that shelf is a little empty…
I’ve placed some of the toys and posters that I’ve purchased in the past, but something’s still missing.
It needs TYPOGRAPHY! Instead of buying them elsewhere (Saw some metallic letters from Urban Outfitters before, but they cost too much and miss quite a few letters) , so I made some.

The whole process took less than 30 minutes. (given, with the right tools and material around.)
Material needed: printer. exacto knife.  board. hot glue gun.

↑I rather not free-hand. I chose Helvetica as the font face – for its simplicity and epic-ness, of course.
Print the letters in outlines: to save ink and to make the cutting process easier.

↑Paste the printed letters on the board first before cutting.

↑I cut out extra triangles to serve as stands for the letters.

↑BAM. Now place them accordingly.

“Imagination’s greater than knowledge.” Imagination’s got way too many letters, my attention span left me imagine, instead. 

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