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SF State Fashion show Photos

Had a blast at SF State. Here’s the photo gallery of the event. It was our first fashion show at San Francisco, the experience different as compare to the Sac and Davis shows….

Variety of culture from paintings, music, to of course, apparel…but you’re not here to read some generalized view of the show. Therefore, let’s dig deep into the moments with the photos. and text( do you actually read through these texts, anyway? Comment if you do)
First off, thanks to Paul Chan(Also, the author of Everyday Individuals), Michelle, Nestor, Kevin(Monkey Phobia),
Ka-tye, Carmut, and Joey for all the stunning photos.

1st stop, my Richmond home.

With 4 cars, all the models, photographers, and assistants dropped by to pick up some inventories. (TIZ’s no big corp that put hundreds of tees instock.)

Gotta have that “Left hand up to make a ‘Z’.”

Somehow there’s always someone missing for the group shoot. Oooh you, Gabi.

Then we arrived, quite a huge venue.

Time for vendors getting tables set up, performers getting their sound check, and me getting butterflies in my tummy.

Just moments, the hall was filled.

Random pictures. Ka-tye’s really more than a thug.

..and Gabi’s really busier than you know.

The fine art portion of the show. Despite all blasting music and yapping spectators, she concentrated in her piece. Talk about professionalism. I’d talk to and shake the hands of the person who pop by my booth.


Back to all types of seriousness. After the National anthem and Filipino anthem, show started.

Amazing choir by PACE, the host of the event.

The MC’s a funny guy.

He jumped started the show.

Fashion by Refef.

My high school mate Sunny was the event’s official model.

Hot Dam.

There was even a dance performance by Project EM.

Music talents.

Next thing we knew, it was our time to go up.

Chilling Profile picture taking was a def. too bad it was blurry, my bad, guys.

And here. we. go.

That is right, Nesqu!k took the role of a model this time. (His first time. aw.)

Kate, the big smile, was awesome.

(I’ll give you a buck if you could find a pic of Kate without smile.)

Go Gabi!

Billy, who wasn’t able to performer during the last show due to technical difficulty, finally got his chance for redemption.

All eyes on Ka-tye, the thug.

The Ultimate Trio.

Job well done, sexies. With as little as 1 week to prepare for this show, the turnout was spectacular.

Shortly after the show, free pizza time.

Then, more picture taking.

YOU ask nesqu!k what he was doing.

Woot, the guys that helped me out EVERY show. Kevin and Joey.
I’m actually quite proud of this picture. I bet you can’t pull off the facial express like Kevin did. (It was proven to be humanly impossible.)

(I bet you tried to make the face. comment if you did)

Before the show ended, we had emo photoshoots.

Ka-tye got better emo-emotion than I did.

Woot, nothing tastes better than hot-pot after a long day’s work.

See you at the next fashion show, perhaps?
April 24th, 2009. UC Davis. APCW fashion show. It’ll be our biggest production. ever.

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