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Starbucks’ DIY Cup

Michelle and I have lots of contrary interests. No, wait, we have lots of similar interests—stay home, watch movies, eat junk food, and be fat. And of the many interests that we share, one of which that we’re most proud of is this—an interest in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) activities.

We like to build and draw things with our own hands. It takes extra time and, most of the time, cost extra $, yet we still enjoy the result of having something one-of-a-kind. Plus, we get to develop a story while we craft the thing. Whatever the thing may be. In today’s case, it was a Starbucks Mug.

081313_2This is just one of the many offered by Starbucks. And Michelle was one of many suckers that fell for it. I don’t blame her.

Michelle likes to play it safe. So she’d try many times on paper before moving the pen to the cup itself.
[aside] Here’s an actual owl: owl (except nobody can draw like this) [/aside]081313_3

The moment of truth:081313_4
Seem to have gone well. 081313_5

Then, it was my turn. We took turn drawing and randomly build things on top drawings that the other made beforehand. It was a way to train our creativity and spontaneity. 081313_6
This time, Michelle took on the challenge of drawing a zebra.  No ordinary zebra, but a zebra that sits in front of an easel.
[aside] There’s currently no drawings of a zebra painting in front of an easel on the internet. Michelle was a pioneer.[/aside]081313_7


Here we go.081313_9

DYAAAMMMM. And check it, there’s a fuckin’ camera on the canvas! Baller, son. 081313_10


45 minutes later, we put on our final touches: 081313_12

We ended up with these. BAM. 081313_13



Good times.

’til next project,

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  1. This is incredibly adorable! Love the creativity from you guys 🙂