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Tamiya Mini 4WD Build Up

Tamiya’s known for their vehicle toy models.
This wasn’t exactly a build up – more of a paint job. Unlike my usual custom work for toys (aged and antique style), I tried to make it look clean and simple – replicating the original design.

It’s from the “Let’s Go 爆走兄弟” animation series – where each character compete with one another with one of these. Shining scorpion’s one of the latest version of the main character’s car.

Different from the [Gundam models I built], this one didn’t require much assembling; it was all on the paint job, which I suck at (sorry, Ko-wei).

I don’t trust myself with stream lines – hence the tape.

For a even spread out paint job, it takes air brushes, which I don’t have. So painted by hand, thus creating slight paint lines. Adds character. haha.

After royal blue, I added black outlines and filled in the gaps.

Detail work.

I , then, added some stickers from the unused ones I got from my last model.

Finalizing the paint job.

Last step – coating the model. I used gloss for the new car look.


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