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The Making of—Miniature T-shirt

FAME‘s coming up. This time around I wanted to keep things simple and focus more on the display as oppose to the tabling setup. Michelle had a spark of creativity of a zeeb’d out sketch mannequin as part of the decor. GENIUS IDEA. Not only would this item fit well with the theme of FAME, “my favorite thing,” it’d resonate with the illustrators/doodlers/crafters out there. So I pulled out my dusty sewing machine and got ready to work…

First, we grabbed a mannequin from IKEA for $5. Barbies would’ve worked too for t-shirt this size, but barbies’ just not my thing.

Any cloth would suffice, but I took one of the defects from the past for this project. Using actual cotton tee would preserve the nature of a stretchy t-shirt.

Scissor and thread. No brainer.

The first method’s a fail, so keep in mind this is not the way to do it:

I trimmed out the shirt before sewing them all together. Seems like an intuitive process, but it yielded horrible result due to its miniature size:

which seems fine until…

Skin tight. Not exactly how I perceive Imaginary Zebra to fit on any person.

So there goes version 2:

Sew before cutting out the shirt:

Even white on white would mark a visible outline for cutting:

Much better:

Moment of truth:


Zeebhead was illustrated with a sharpie.

’til next project, 


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