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The Making of SDAFF Backdrop

Backdrop designed for San Diego Asian Film Festival. I would’ve posted this before the trip, but we ended up finishing it just 12 hours before our drive to SD, woot woot. We underestimated how long it was going to take for the paint to dry.  ( thanks to Nesquik for the photos)

The theme for the Asian film fest this year was “Be Wise. Love Film.” with the owls and orange gradient: 

Li and I started at 6.

Painting along the edges of the letters were really a pain in the ass. I’ll just spray paint with stencils in the future.

Karen joined us around 8ish.

Couple of obstacles struck us along the way: The fabric soaked up the paint and took forever to dry. We had to put on multiple coats, too, to make sure the colors are solid. Colored fabric were altering the actual color of our paint. what a night.

It was backdrop against the 3 of us. Alyson heard the news and came by to fend for us. 

Karen’s master piece:

Sidenote// I couldn’t freehand the zeeb logo myself.

Another fighter:

Happy hour, indeed. Ohh, Johnson.

Final touches:


All the photos of the SDAFF are posted [here]

Thanks to Eden, Antonia, Li, Karen, Johnson, Alyson, and Nesquik. Couldn’t have finished this project without you guys.

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