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The Not-So-Classic Switcheroo

Switcheroo is a personal project by Hana Pesut. I stumbled across it a few days a ago and was fascinated by idea and how men and women are willing to pull down their face for a picture like these.Michelle and I decided to give it a try, and boy, trying to squeeze a size 10 feet into a female size 5.5 boots was not an easy task.

These are knee slappin’ good:

It was all fun and game for the “before” photo:

Michelle cracked up and I was in tears for the “after”:

Love is about putting yourself in her shoes, right?

I’m calling these people out:
-Marvin & Elissa
-Tony a& Livia
-Joey & Jenny
-Lu & Margaret
-Cody & Samantha
-Kyle & Connie
-Lao Toe & Kailin
-Allen & Nicole
-Mark & Fiona
-Kevin & Liz

Ladies, the sexier the outfit, the better it gets.

’til next time,


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