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The Wall of Memories – Davis Wall Project

This is a continuous project of what my [ex-housemates and I did to our wall] last year.

We wanted the wall to reflect the good times we had through our days in Davis. Just with a blink of an eye, 1 year’s past. A couple of our close friends re-leased the place and now it’s their turn to put up their memories.

They moved in a few months back, but it wasn’t till a month ago that they started to continue this wall. And you’re exactly right, it isn’t till now that I start blogging about this. *high five

The people are took over the place are:

You all should know Jim by now, right?

Max, founder of Mapiz.

Tony and Brandon, who was home home at the time they did this.

We brought up a series of photos from Jim’s and my photo book, photos that we thought really worth to go on THE wall, the wall of fame.

↑ Ooh, the ladies.

They went ahead and grabbed 50 frames from IKEA.

Good times.

Till next time,
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