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Birthday Season

the people that dropped by the birthday party.

All types of seriousness.

1st stop.

The Birthday girl.

The boyfriend.

You have the rights to remain preserved, everything you pose in front of the camera can and will be used against you. Please pose responsibly.

The feast goes on.

All you can eat Korean BBQ.


“Left hand up.” Z- for TIZ.

Happy Birthday, N35qu!k!

A new addition for a poster in my room.


By far, the most people participating in 1 cngnot photo.

I sent Cody flying.

never seen him so happy.
Look at those scratchy dents

The PT cruiser had some sever damage in the back door area.

Then we pulled up closer.

ah, nice piece of art work?



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  1. Thanks again for the picture dude, i absolutely love it to death, haha

    And you really shouldn’t be taking pictures while you’re driving 😉

  2. Why’d you pixelize your shirt?? You already introduced it on the website and everything…weird. OH! And Michelle looks HECKA scary in our photo!! Thanks for going with me on the childish thing!