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1 Dollar for a TIZ shirt

You can buy a lot of things with a dollar.

Let’s make the most out of it. (Pardon the distracting desktop. I drew all over it. Love it.)


Not bad, yea? It’ll only take you 3-30 minutes plus a dollar.

Step 1. Fold the dollar in half. Either way is fine, I personally prefer the letter way up.

Step 2. Fold the bill one quarter way from each side.

It is important to make a solid crease for each of the following folds.

Step 3. Turn the bill and the fold the white of one end.

so far so good.

Step 4. Turn the bill again, now making the collar of the shirt.

It’d be nice to have the angles pointing at the center crease.

Step 5. Fold a bit less than 1/3 from the other end.

If folded too short, the shirt would look too long.

Step 6. Fold again, overlapping the previous fold.

It might take a few tries to find the perfect length.

Break. This should be how your bill/shirt should look like so far.

Take a deep breath, the next step shall be the most challenging.

Step ..7? Be creative. Elaborate your imagination and paint up some graphics for the shirt.

Ok, my bad. The next step would be the most challenging.

Step 8. Open the fold.

Maybe that wasn’t that bad.

Step 9. Make the sleeves.

“..#@$#%, how’d in god’s name did you do that?!”

It’s abit difficult to explain the exact way. But here, the easier way for me was to grab the edges of the bill…

..then tuck it in.

then fold it down. It also takes a few tries to get the perfect lining.

Step…28. Now that you’ve gotten the sleeves down. It’s time for the final touch.

Final Step. tuck the shirt under the collar.

Viola. 1 dollar into a TIZ shirt.

Life’s good.



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  1. thanks. this killed 5 minutes for me before i head to class. 🙂 haha

  2. haha, i always struggle with the sleeve part..

    Dollar TIZ shirts would be pretty sweet. Dollar per gallon for gas would be pretty sweet, too.