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I’m a PC.

and I make t-shirts with zebras on them.

A come back from the PCs.
I have an iPod and it’s served me profoundly. Nevertheless, it’s nice to finally see someone from the pc side expressing their individualism.
PC has a cool ad campaign.

Show the world that you’re a proud PC user.



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  1. Haha, somehow I knew you’d eventually put these up. To be honest I always visualized you as a guy that drives and xB and uses a Mac, hahaha. Though I’m a recent Mac convert myself, I’ve gotta admit that the new PC ads are pretty good. That doesn’t fix all the problems with vista though, heh

  2. I def give it to the Macs for the global concept of keeping their products simple and futuristic. 😉 Steve job’s the man, but Bill Gate’s aint backing down, tho. haha