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ABC parking.

American born Chinese’s privileged. Thumbs up by Michelle.

Took care of lunch at..

Their potato garlic pizza was delectable.

Dropped in one of the stores and spotted these two sexies.

Had me at hello.

Came across the RVCA display case at the street corner.

Wow, really? It never failed to capture the passbyers attention. I guess that’s what our society have come down to for “creative” advertising..? C’mon guys, you can do better than injecting a dozen needle on an alien dummy for an eye catcher.

Zip up or pull over?

Michelle looks flamin’ in that red top.

Joey looks..


Anyways, we also stopped by Kidrobot.

Picked up a dunny. Actually, Michelle picked up the dunny for me.

And guess what, it turned out to be one of the silhouettes.

A chance of ??/??.

The dunny came with a cloth material scarf.

Pull yourself together, wipe off that drool.
Random Picture of the day.

When I saw the picture on the left, the first image that came to mind was…the picture on the right.

After comparison, I see no resemblance what so ever. my bad.



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  1. That alien definitely caught my attention when I walked past it. *nods*