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Animal Science pt.2

Today’s Animal: Cattle.

It’s crucial to call the species by the right title. It just might be the most annoying thing to most, if not all of the animal scientists, when you spot a random cattle while driving on the freeway and call it a “cow.” It’d sound worst than scraping your fork against the plates to them.

Logic’s simple. Stallion : Bull, Mare : Cow, Horse : Cattle. Cow is technically the term for mature female cattle. If you don’t usually spot a horse and call it a stallion, please don’t call a cattle..a cow the next time you see one. Respect the bulls.

Anywho, the class went over the details of this beauty.

Holstein, who dominates the US cattle population with about 95%. Why? Because it produces the most milk in the family. An amazing 22000 lbs of milk in 10 months. ..pull yourself together, pick up your jaw.

We then milked the cow.

Beat that. Everyone has to milk a cow once in their life time, yes?

Their food.

Their babes.

This one’s a jersey.

A holstein calf.

She alllmost licked me.

TIZ polo’s just too sweet for her diet.



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