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Happy Birthday, Jim, our photographer, engineer, and punching bag.

It was a hell of a night…with loads of Asians.

After math.

Everything was recorded with a camcorder, but I afraid the only feedback that I’d receive from posting the video up is a firm you-won’t-live-to-see-tomorrow’s-sun punch by Jim himself.
Random photo of the day.


Something new on the market.

The new Nintendo DSi.

Larger touch screen. Thinner body. New SD slots for music and photos. New Camera functions. Yet another way to kill your wallet.
An accomplishment that really isn’t as glorious as it seems.

God of War. God of War II.

Been there, done that. A total of 8 days invested to beat those games with a few comrades. I’m not much of a gamer, the games were just more fun than expected. Dam.



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