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Animal Science.

I’ve heard so much positive feed backs about this god-you-must-take-it course.
Since there’s not much time left(optimistically) before I graduate, I decided to give this class a try.

It’s been two weeks since the class has started. Each week there’s a lab session for all the students to interact with the domesticated animals first hand. That being said, here are my past two wait-they-don’t-seem-as-friendly-as-they-were-in-cartoons experiences.

Week 1: sheep.

Sheep moons, too.

We were taught to flip/wrestle a sheep.

The victim.

T.A. demonstrating the exact way to take down a sheep.

for shearing purposes.

Week 2: Horse.

The Victim:Bobar

Partners in crime.

Be sure to keep in contact with the horse when going around its body. Once the horse felt threaten or sudden intrusion, it’d kick you all the way to Mexico with its powerful hine legs.

One of my favorite horses out on the field.

C’mon, it’s named “Tizzy.”
Welcome our latest Addition.

AKA Mike from Norway.

Mike did a entry about TIZ a few days ago. Check out his blog for a way of life from Norway.


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