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It’s here, my subscriptions of Wired Magazine. May I get a +3 on my geek points, please? Well, It’s one of the few things that I subscribed other than online RSS feeds and Yo-it’s-midterms-again friendly notification every three weeks.

It was a pain in the butt laying out all the images for a photo.

So what about the mag? you say. Glad you asked, it contains contents of everything-interesting. I’m biased, but honest. From random polls, shopping guides, fun household experiments, to intensive interviews and revolutionary innovations. Not only do you get informative data, but the slick design through out the mag gives you, at least to me, a good dose of visual pleasure.

Enough talk, let’s see a few things that Wired has for us for the Oct issue.

-Scooter’s might not be the greenest idea- Great gas mileage, but an old scooter with two-stroke engines emit far more smoggy pollutants than their four-wheeled counterparts. It can go up to 10-15 times more smog than that Chevy.

-Google transit’s up-Google maps now offers step-by-step instructions on how to get from point A to B without driving.

-The 15 people, each with distinct background and best at what they do, of course, that the upcoming president should probably listen to for a better country.

-…and a crap load of other articles.

Before I tempt you into buying any of them..
They have these at B&N, Boarders, check em out through the mag racks.

Tony Kyan



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