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The Buzz / The Imaginary Zebra Fashion Show.

Phew, finally got it done.

Many of you might have wondered.. why the “Zebra?”
What was it exactly in a zebra that made it the fundamental animal for TIZ?
Here’s why:
There are a few characteristic of zebras that attracted me the most, one of which is that zebras are consist of two basic colors – black and white. Those are colors that represent the ends of the spectrum. Ones that shout out I’m all the colors and I’m the absence of all colors. Of course, zebras aren’t the only ones with those distinct colors. You’re right, so please allow me to explain the second characteristic of zebras that truly attracted me- The stripes. Zebras are unique, in a way that no two zebras consist of the same stripe pattern(By the way, Zebras are black animals with white stripes.) Kinda like humans’ fingerprints. The zebras have black and white stripes for one major reason, and it’s not just because it looks good, but to protect themselves from predators. How, you say? Lions are color-blinds. From afar, a group of zebras can camouflage into massive bushes to prevent attacks from the lions. Zebras are amazing animals. Although, every zebra is unique, they can still unite and achieve great things. That, made zebra our power animal. “Every Zeeb has a story. Mind the Zeeb.”

It was not a random epiphany for me to start explaining why I chose zebras under this entry. During the fashion show, I saw with my own little eyes how our motto and the characteristics of zebras comes to our lives.

With major technical difficulties and things went incredibly wrong, the fashion show was brilliant. Why? well..the TIZ models elaborated their expertise, improvised, and saved the show. All of our models have their own unique story and talents, yet they all came together and pulled it through together. That, made the show brilliant. They acted on their own while all I could do was sweating in the back stage. It was fucking awesome.

Enough said, time for some pictures. The process of the what went down.

4 pm, when the event starts at 6, the models came to rehease one last time.

Rasikeezy and N35qu!k.


Jason and Quangsta.

Guys having a little fun. Spectators went crazy. you go, Kurt the hurt.

Final sound check.

The zeeb got something to say.

Jason on the drums.

That didn’t go too bad.
Moments before the show. Back stage.

Nick the man (and Stephanie: not in the picture,) who hooked us up with the oppourtunity for the buzz fashion show.

The Sexies.

The rappers, MCs.

And here goes the show.

“It was fucking awesome.”
Thanks, guys.

All the models that we were able to find after the show and jason.

Thank you all! The show was dope off the heezy.

Ones who helped pass out flyers, destressed me at critical times, made me laugh at random times, took photos, took videos, smiled, came, and supported me.

Words can’t explain my appreciation, I’m pretty dam lucky to have you guys around.

Last but not least, All the photos provided by – Jim.

Videos coming soon?



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