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LEGO from the get go

Before I start blabbering..

I was at a city that people really should start learning how to bike around the blocks.

It’s always been my favorite toy of all time. Pieces of blocks are the best medium for anyone to build their bold architectures, wanabe spaceships, or mystical creatures.

I once made an automobile that can transform into robots with jet packs. It was soon deconstructed, then recycled for a series of other projects. The cycle continued. Legos allow endless possibilities for imaginations to stretch beyond limits, which is why you still see them around and not pet rocks.

Jim’s an artsy guy.

I played around with colors.

Good times.

find them?

Spread the Zeeb. Spot the Zeeb.

Karen spotted the zeeb at Safeway.

Stole this from N35qu!k



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