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A brief instruction on how to tint, not your ordinary windows, but your reflectors. Those dam crooked, uneven surface reflectors. Enough said. First, prepare the following items for standard procedure.

-Tint film. -Sponge. -Paper towel(lint free). -Blade. -Windex. -Soap water. -Tape.
Optional, but recommended stuff: -A friend that doesn’t complain much. -Music. -Couple cans of sprite. -Passion for your car.

So. Here. We. Go.


The yellow piece’s the reflector.

1.Clean the reflector with windex and paper towel, making sure there’s no dust trying to sneak in this party.

2.Measure the size and cut out an appropriate piece on tinting film.

3. Films are consist of two layers. Stick a piece of tape on each side of the corner and slowly tear them apart.

Focus on the technique, please, not the hair.

4.Apply soap water: to make sure that the film can be shifted on the reflector if not posted correctly the first time.

5. Firmly grip the film on reflector and squeeze out air bubble with a credit card(hard flat object.)

6. Once the film is stuck on tightly, blade the excess film from the edges.

7. Bam. After.

Beautiful, isn’t it. Tedious, isn’t it. Now repeat from step one for the other reflector.

We wouldn’t want our effort to go to waste, so then followed a photo session.


Which one do you think was the best photo?

Me too.

The latest addition to our living room.



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