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Post Finals.

It was a great way to completely screw up a person’s sleeping schedule.
Anyways, the finals went decent. Check out the way my group and I studied.

Notes taken on a box, so everyone can pick a side and review all at the same time. Ironically how I was actually promoting “Thinking
outside the box.” when my destiny depended on the box. Dam the system.

A few updates for the time that I was gone..off the web.

-Vent x TIZ collabo tshirts have been released before, but the proper photos were never taken. TIZ made it up. The man of the shoot is no one else but the chief editor himself – Daryl Suyat.

Check out the photos by clicking “Lookbook” on the left penal.
Check out the Vent Mag official website by looking for it on the right penal.
Vent x TIZ

-TIZ is participating in an upcoming break dancing competition.

It should be entertaining.

-Campus Movie Fest.
Check out “The 5 Second Rule” by Giant Films & Outspire Production from Cal.

Obey it.

Nick Soru.

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