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Spent a little time converting the old layout to the one you see now. With a brand new server, hopefully it’d be friendlier both on yours and my side.

And just a simple announcement, if you had “theimaginaryzebra@yahoo.com” as our email address, please change it to “theimaginaryzebra@gmail.com” thank you.

Here goes the real entry.

Saw this the other day..It took me about 2 hours struggling to try to leave the site. It contains contents that you just can’t stare away(Maybe just me..dammit.) So take that as a warning before you click the following link.
Neave TV

As word of mouth does its magic, most of us has received the latest, most absurd news or videos that are being watched on Youtube. “Leave Brittany alone!”, “Afro Ninja” are titles and catch phrases that should be pretty familiar to you web savvy surfers. Weezer captured that very essence of the online community and turned it into their music video. It was dope. Check it:

Kevin Tam sent me his creation with fonts.

Man, now that just made mine look bad.Process.

Welcome our latest addition


Like it says “Life with Jo(e).”


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