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No no no, this guy is much better than milky chocolate or chocolate milk.
He’s my favorite number plus exclamation mark. Can’t get any better than that.

Went down to Vallejo today to meet up with this guy for some serious business.

A car fanatic.

“+10 Imaginary horse power.”

A california skater.

“+10 inches of imaginary hops.”

And just him doing his magic.

This entry is no bio, but a preview of the our upcoming TIZ fashion show on the 26th of September. It’ll melt your face. N35qu!k’s in, are you?

Nov Ganon from Urb Mag’s next 1000.


I realized a couple of things. Noodles are alot more dangerous than it seems, and I seem to get hit in the face alot when I wear red.



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