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Every pixel has a story.

For those of you that don’t know Monkey Phobia, he’s a daily artist. He literally paints a pciture with MS paint everyday for the last 4 years. More than 1300 pictures were made, and of which about half were used to create this magnificent poster called – “Every pixel has a story.”

His creations vary in colors. Some of them are dim and some vibrantly scattered across the spectrum.

Take a closer look of each of the blocks.

Bold choice of colors, no?

With each block consists of its own story, the combination of them creates this..

Do you see it? How about a few steps away from the monitor? Click here to view it in a separate window.

May I get a round of applause for Monkey Phobia, thank you.

A limited quantity of 20 posters will be available soon.



Carmut just had a really bad day.

Jojo sent Cody back to Taiwan with her powerful punches.

For yesterday’s Poll.
-Most of you like pets with 4 legs.

But check this clever guy out:



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